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Sal Khan is an American educator who is redefining the education industry with his mastery-based approach to learning. He founded the popular online resource Khan Academy, and created a school around his mastery-based learning philosophy known as Khan Lab School. Khan focuses on allowing learners gain a complete understanding of subjects, and delve deep in topics beyond the curriculum.

Some of Sal Khans achievements include:

  • Receiving the Microsoft Education Award in 2009
  • Khan Academy receiving the Princess of Asturias Award for International Cooperation in 2019
  • Founding Khan Academy in 2007
  • Featuring on the cover of Forbes Magazine for a story on “disrupters” shaking up education
  • Founding Khan Lab School in 2014
Sal Khan at Khan Lab School (Khan Lab School.

Video Series

The link to the next video will be located at the end each video. If you have any questions or comments please post them in the comment section below. Not in the YouTube comments.

Further Resources

Khan Academy

Khan Lab School


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Sal Khan.

Q&A with Khan Academy founder and commencement speaker Sal Khan. Q&A with Khan Academy founder and commencement speaker Sal Khan | The Dartmouth.

How Sal Khan launched a revolution in online learning. How Sal Khan launched a revolution in online learning | Stanford Graduate School of Education.

Khan Academy.

Khan Lab School.

Adults, kids learning with Khan Academy.

18 thoughts on “Sal Khan: Learning Center

  1. Hey Mahtab! Great job! I love that you emulated Khan’s style in your video; that was very effective!
    I was wondering how Khan’s ideas of education might have been different had he not been able to go through a gifted education program? Do you think he would still have focused on mastery-based learning?

    1. Thank you for the feedback Ms. Wasstrom. Even without going through gifted education Sal would have still focused on mastery-based learning. His passion for this style of learning might have even increased as he would have faced more struggles through school, helping him form a clearer understanding of the flaws with the traditional learning method.

  2. Mahtab, I LOVE that you did your Learning Centre in the same style that Sal does for Khan Academy! Thank you for your insight on Sal’s approach to education (I loved your swiss cheese analogy). Sal was a lifesaver for me during my own university math career, as I’m sure he was for many others, and what made the biggest difference was, as you pointed out, that this education is completely free and accessible to anyone. How do you think our current public school system could implement Sal’s philosophies, especially with regards to mastery?

    1. Thanks for the feedback Ms. Lee. The most effective way to implement master-based learning is through technology. Technology allows students to independently go through lessons, and they arm teachers with data. This implementation method’s effectiveness has been displayed at Khan Lab School; a school founded by Sal Khan that implements mastery-based learning in a way that is practical and effective.

  3. Hey Mahtab! I loved your formatting for this learning center on Sal Khan! It was very creative and clever of you. This formatting also helped me understand how helpful Khan Academy’s teaching style is, as I was able to take in the information very easily. What do you think Sal Khan thinks about YouTube channels like Crash Course?

    1. Thank you for the comment. Sal Khan supports other educational YouTube channels because they align with Khan’s vision. All educational YouTube channels provide free education to anyone.

  4. Hi,
    How would you compare Kahn’s style of education with the BC model? What do you think BC could learn from it?
    Mrs. Chambers

    1. The BC model still follows a similar style to the traditional model of lecturing, note taking, and tests. However, we are making progress in the right direction with the development of programs that focus on project-based learning, exploration, and providing opportunities for students to go beyond the curriculum. By gradually implementing more aspects of Sal Khan’s mastery-based learning model, such as allowing students to learn at their own pace, we can eventually move past our outdated learning model. Our next steps should be to bring the aspects of previously existing programs into the standard classroom to begin the transition into a new age of learning.

  5. Hi Mahtab, I enjoyed your series of youtube videos. I like how you did your videos in the same format as Sal Khan does. I also like how each video presented a lot of well-structured information. How did Sal start his online career as an educator?

    1. Thank you for the feedback Robert. As a child Sal loved to go deep into topics and explore, but he never got the opportunity to fulfill this curiosity in school. This event is what inspired him to make this program. Also, he started tutoring his cousin which was the beginning of his teaching career.

  6. Hello Mahtab, your learning center was very informative. This type of learning definitely engages kids in a better way as they can master whatever they are interested in. It’s really awesome that Sal did this to help students that have varying interests and abilities.
    You seem to have the potential to become a teacher with the way that you presented your learning center.

    1. Hello, thank you for the feedback. I agree that Sal is an amazing teacher, and that the traditional learning model is definitely outdated. I have never considered teaching as a career path, but I will definitely think about this going forward.

  7. Whats good Mahtab???? ANYWAYS FANTASTIC LEARNING CENTRE IT WAS SUPER GOOD 10/10. Okay so where do I begin uhhhhh. First of all, I really loved the creative aspect you took to this learning centre. Creating a video series for your Learning Centre is no easy task, but you went ahead and did it anyway. But the part that impressed me and hooked me the most was the fact that you did these videos in a the style of Khan Academy, which was both super creative and intuitive. It felt like I was watching a real Khan Academy video (because I was of course. 🙄) Loved it and I can’t get over how well you executed the style. the information was also laid out great and tackled all the questions relating to Sal Khan’s eminence so good job, because it was in the style of Khan Academy haha. One nitpicky thing I would change is the transition between videos. Maybe add all 3 videos to your learning centre to make it a bit more clear (or put them into a playlist), because clicking on the next video takes you off the blog anyway. Anyways great job, loved the Learning Centre.
    My question for you is, “How has Khan Academy influenced your academics and life?”

    1. Thank you for the feedback and advice Justin. Khan Academy has influenced me in many ways, the most notable being fueled my passion in mathematics. In grade three when I used Khan Academy for the first time I was beginning to learn algebra, and the program greatly assisted me in grasping the new concepts, especially because algebra is a big leap in difficulty from arithmetic. I was able to learn so much so quickly using Khan Academy, that now I am studying calculus.

    2. Okay and I got one more question as i realized I gotta ask one about Sal Khan himself too.
      “If Sal Khan was the supreme leader of earth, how do you think the world would benefit from his goals?”

      1. If Sal Khan was supreme leader of the Earth students would benefit from the mastery-based learning model. His model would be quickly implemented into schools, allowing for more freedom in the classroom. Students would be more successful in school because they would be given the opportunity to master subjects at their own pace. This method would lead to the development of more confident and autonomous learners, creating a world with more curious individuals.

  8. Hello Mahtab! Your learning centre was organized and concise which I really appreciated. I can tell that you put a lot of effort into the chain of videos, they were all very well done. What do you think Sal would be doing today if he had not started Khan Academy?

    1. Thank you for the amazing feedback Makenna. If Sal did not start Khan Academy he would probably still be doing his job as a financial analyst at a hedge funds company. Although he would still be making a lot of money, he would not have the gratification he receives today by making a difference in the lives of many students.

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