Mark’s Robert Noyce Eminent Learning Center

Hello this is my Learning center below.


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7 thoughts on “Mark’s Robert Noyce Eminent Learning Center”

  1. I thought the format of your video with the scrolling text was a super cool idea. I also thought you showcased Robert’s eminence perfectly. I will ask, where do you think computers would be today without Robert Noyce?

  2. Hey! I really liked your video, it was interesting to look at and included lots of information about your eminent person. I was wondering, what was your eminent person’s biggest role model/inspiration?

  3. Hey Mark! Great work. Loved your unique video and your creativity throughout your learning centre. This was very informative, detailed and overall well done. But I will ask, what is the most inspiring thing you learned about Robert Noyce?

  4. Wow! Fantastic idea for your video! You had a lot of useful information. In your opinion, would there even be computers this advanced today if it was not for your eminent person?

  5. Good video Mark! I liked your unique video and as a fellow StarWars fan, your eminence was displayed perfectly. My question is could computers be invented without his contributions.

  6. Hi,
    Would you say that overall computers have had a positive or negative effect on humanity and why?
    Mrs. Chambers

  7. Hey Mark! Well done! Noyce sounds like an interesting person and very influential in his field. Can you elaborate on his title of “Mayor of Silicon Valley”? There is a very specific corporate culture once thinks of in that region and I am wondering how Noyce contributed to that.

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