Eminent Person Blog Post Reflection

EP Blog Post Reflection

Jang, Matthew

I think I learned a lot by reading other people’s blog posts on their chosen eminent persons. What stood out to me the most was the differences in each eminent person. I realized that eminence takes different forms in many careers and that eminence can be up to interpretation in varying occupations or studies. Beyond that, I’m glad I got the chance to learn about new people through this experience. I also learned that eminence is not proven nor symbolized by the number of trophies or silverware someone has. Even those without fame can influence the world with their genius, skill, or heart and kindness. I thought this was cool.

Regarding images and media in our blog posts, I didn’t have much second thought about the pictures I used in my blog post. However, after viewing my fellow “Ghostbusters” group members’ blog posts, I realized how valuable images are even in writing. This idea came to me as I read the other blog posts, which used media to highlight precisely what they were trying to say.

It was nice seeing the connections people had to their eminent person. Each person seemed to have a very genuine and unique connection to their chosen eminent person. This reminded me of how different each person is, and also made me realize the strength in connection and empathy.

Finally, (among other things) I learned how hard it is to be able to create good feedback/critiques for others. I thought all my pieces of feedback were very good at the time of writing them, but after rereading them, I realized how similar they all sound. Keeping this in mind, I’ll invest more time into each critique I do from now on to make them sound less general.

Overall, I learned a lot, and will keep the feedback I got from my peers when writing in the future!