Practice Interview Reflection

Eminent Person Practice Interview Reflection 

I think that doing the practice interview was important because it helped me to realize what parts of my interview skills I needed to work on. I was also able to learn from other’s interviews and improve my own interview skills. For example, one of my classmates had really good questions, spoke in a really clear and calm voice, and all the different parts in her interview flowed together and made the interview go smoothly without pauses. I could work on my skills by building off of some of the skills that they used in their interview. When I did my interview, the conversation didn’t flow very well, and I didn’t have good transitions from one of my questions to the next. This made my interview sound very jerky because the first questions that I asked had simple answers and then the next question I asked had a very detailed answer. If I were to do my interview again, I would make sure that I had a good transition between my closed questions and my open questions so that it would be like a piece of music where it grows in intensity instead of going from a piano to a fortissimo in one quarter note. If I tried to go from a piano to a fortissimo in one quarter note it would be super soft and then would be so strong it wouldn’t fit together. That is why I need to make sure that the transitions between questions in my interview make sense and don’t jump around otherwise it will sound like I don’t know what I am doing.  

Another thing that I need to work on is speaking in a clear and calm voice because I ended up speeding up my words and then it is really hard to have a proper conversation. I also start talking with more intensity in my voice, so it makes it seem that I am stressed or rushed and then it makes me seem unprofessional. 

To conclude, I need to work on making my questions fit together and speaking in a clear and calm voice so that I am easy to understand, and my interviewee doesn’t have trouble understanding any of my questions. 

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