Core Competency Activity


  • During Quarter 1, what went well for you? Explain. Examples: being back in the classroom, having only two courses, seeing my friends, keeping up with homework, playing volleyball, improving math, helping plan a virtual assembly, becoming more fit. 

Something that went well for me this Quarter was the schedule. This year, I found the schedule to be manageable. Having only 2 classes, I had more time to focus on each class. Overall, I felt that I had more time to concentrate on each class and learned the contents of the course much more effectively. 


  • During Quarter 1, what did you find challenging or disappointing or stressful? Explain. 

During Quarter 1, I found dealing with the safety regulations challenging. During the beginning of the year, I was worried that the safety regulations at school would not work. I was afraid of an outbreak occurring at school.


  • Think of ONE thing you really want to improve in Quarter 2 (and Q 3&4). Examples: a school subject, a sport, time spent on homework/studying, playing a musical instrument, leadership skills, a language, photography, a relationship, general fitness.  

For the upcoming quarters, I want to work on managing my time more effectively when I complete school assignments. 


  • What are two specific actions that you can start doing every day to get closer to your goal? How long will you spend on this action each day? What part of the day? 

a) Create a calendar online to remind me of the upcoming due dates for assignments.

b) Create a weekly schedule to plan out the work effectively. Frequently check the schedule to stay on track.


  • If you experience challenges, what might you do to work through them? Examples: ask help from a friend or parent; break the task into smaller chunks; “google” how other people may deal with similar problems. 

If I experience challenges, I will go ask for help from my friends and ask teachers for support if necessary. Often, other people can provide guidance and encouragement when I am experiencing a challenge. 







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