TALONS Digital Literacy #5

Graphic Arts Poster Series

Poster 1

Poster 2

Poster 3

Poster 4

Poster 5

Poster Series


During my time in Graphic arts, we were assigned this project where we were asked to make a poster series for the evergreen art gallery. The poster series had to consist of five different posters that have a similar style to them. Each poster had to feature a piece of art from one of the artist and was stylized based on the featured art.

8. I challenge myself to increase my technological literacy by working with apps, software, or mediums that I have not used in the past

I have not used much photoshop at all until this class started, so using photoshop was still quite new to me when I did this project. So I challenged myself in the process of this assignment to use new tools and to explore more ways to feature this art.

14. I ethically use content that is not created by me by using Creative-Commons licensed audio, video, or images and by properly citing these resources within my work

When using the artist’s works of art, we needed to add a few pieces of text in order to give credit to the artists. We needed to add the artist’s name, the name of their art, as well a link to the evergreen website to ensure that we are giving credit and not claiming it as our own.

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