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Hello and welcome to In Depth Night!

My name is MJ and I hope you’ve been enjoying your night so far. Before I say anything else, please go ahead and watch the video below.

*Volume warning* (I edited this video with my volume at 10 so just keep it low and adjust it up as you go)

The Coolest Video (But not really)


As you should now know, I worked on coding in C++ for my In Depth project. It was honestly a lot of fun figuring out all the different situations and problems with my mentor. It was almost like solving a really elaborate puzzle. The end products were all really cool, and the feeling I got after completing each project was really exciting. However, it was also a lot of work to produce all these results. If you couldn’t tell from my “pain” montage, it was quite frustrating at times since coding requires you to be super precise. But thanks to my mentor, I managed to pull through all the tough trials and made it to today.

Now unfortunately, since I used a separate downloaded program to run this code, if you’d like to also give it a shot, you will have to use this alternative method:

1. Copy whichever code you want to play from the document: Code Document

2. And then paste it into the textbox on this website:

3. Make sure to delete the default code in the text box before you paste the code in.

4. Once you’ve pasted it in, be sure to hit the interactive switch before clicking the blue execute button:

5. Finally, hit the blue execute button, and enjoy the game. If the code requires you to type any text to continue, simply type it into the black box where the code is already being displayed.

If this method doesn’t work for you, I apologize since I haven’t been able to find any other method that is more consistent than this one.


I’d like to take this chance again to thank my mentor for all the time and effort she put into teaching me how to code. She was an amazing mentor who really tried to help me understand all the different functions and codes. I really appreciated all the support she gave me throughout the course of this project.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns(?) for me, feel free to leave them in the comments section below. Again, please be sure to check out all of the other projects tonight. I will promise you that they will all be well worth your time (except maybe this one).

Thank you for visiting, and I hope you enjoy the rest of your evening. Good bye!

– MJ


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34 thoughts on “In Depth 2021

  1. Informative and engaging video. You made a lot of progress these past few months. What was the hardest part of coding for you?

    1. Thank you so much! To answer your question, the most difficult part of coding was definitely trying to figure out how to make the code perform specific tasks with the limited amount of code I knew. For example, making the code check for a win using equations and if statements was really quite difficult.

  2. Very entertaining video. Where do you usually get your inspiration from? I’ve never actually seen a pick-your-own-path prisoner’s dilemma game before, where did you get that idea from?

    1. Thanks David! I will be completely honest with you, I didn’t exactly come up with most of them myself. My mentor gave me the wireframe for all of the projects, and it was my job to figure out how to accomplish each task using code.

  3. I liked your video, MJ! I’ve heard of the struggles of coding from my brother, I can only image how grueling the process was, but you should definitely be proud of the results!

    1. Thank you so much! The process was definitely rough, but I really am glad that I was able to finish my final project on time.

  4. Super cool video, project idea, and coding job! It looks absolutely amazing! What was your favourite part to code?

    1. Thank you! My favourite project to code was probably the Prisoner’s dilemma game. It was just the right amount of difficulty for me to figure out while also being a pretty cool and interesting game. It was quite fun to figure out and problem solve and I just generally thought the project was really cool.

  5. Really cool project, connect four is one of my favourite games! However you game got me thinking, do you think you could code an AI to be objectively good at Connect 4?

    1. Thanks Draedon! I don’t actually know if I could make the computer be “good” at connect four. I definitely could create an algorithm to detect when there are three player pieces in a row in order to make it be able to block the player’s pieces. I could also try making one that blocks every two in a row, but I don’t exactly know if I could make it better at making four in a row itself. However if it wasn’t me: If an AI can learn how to play chess, and AI can definitely learn how to play connect 4.

  6. Really impressed with the prisoner’s dilemma game! If you had unlimited time, how complex of an algorithm do you think you’d need for the computer to play Connect 4 optimally?

    1. Thank you! If I had more time, I definitely think I could’ve made the computer much better at playing connect 4. I’m not quite sure how I’d make the computer better at creating four in a row, but I have some ideas on how to make it better at blocking the player from winning.

    1. Thanks Evan! I know as a fact that I’m going to continue coding in the future. My mentor and I are quite close, so we’re already planning some future projects that we could do later on.

  7. Thank you for blessing my eyeballs, that was a masterpiece. also that’s some really cool coding projects! Basing off what you already know, what would you say the next project you’d want to tackle is, if any?

    1. You’re welcome for blessing your eyeballs? Since my mentor and I are pretty close, we’re planning on continuing some coding projects in the future. More specifically, we’re thinking of actually making physical things using arduinos.

  8. Very epic games MJ! I can tell that you’ve learned a lot about coding and C++ from this project. I hope you will continue to explore it in the future!

  9. The jokes, the code, the GAMES! This post has everything. Glad you got where you did in the end.

  10. BAHAHA amazing video MJ, loved the intro. It’s super cool that you were able to code those games, it looks super complicated so mega props to you.

  11. Amazing video MJ! I just had one question: What animal would you represent your coding experience with, and why?

    1. Thanks Gyu min! If I had to choose an animal to represent my coding experience, it’d be a bat. I think I’ve experienced the full bat lifestyle, sitting in my dark room, staring at a blank screen while screeching over some broken code once in awhile. It really was an experience…

      Jokes aside, I had a pretty enjoyable time 😀

  12. MJ, I really loved seeing your learning process through your video, and absolutely loved the introduction! The projects you coded were also amazing!

  13. Nice work Myung Joon! Next step…. coding a strategic algorithm for computer game play?? (sounds tricky….)

    1. Thank you! Coding an actual algorithm for the computer is definitely going to be tough, but I might give it a shot over the summer!

  14. Thanks MJ! What a clear and organized video of your process and progression! You mentioned the pain…was most of your time/pain spent building or tweaking the intricacies ! Impressive learning! Thanks for the humility and humor!

    1. Thank you!! It was quite frustrating at times since a majority of my time was spent trying to fix broken code, or making minor adjustments since code has to be so precise. For example, at the end of each statement, there has to be a semicolon to indicate that the statement is over, so if I forget even a single semicolon, the entire code will not run. Not to mention, figuring out where the code is broken is even more difficult. However, the end result makes it all worth the effort.

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