6 thoughts on “Bioplastics and Biodegradability TALON Talk

  1. Great presentation. You gave a very detailed and fair comparison of the two (three) types of plastic, and listed both pros and cons for both sides.
    Question: So, from all your research, what would you suggest we use? If its even possible, would it be better to not use plastic at all? What is your conclusion from all this?

    1. Good question and thanks for the praise. Even before my research, I would have suggested to try and not use plastic at all. However, if you are to, using biodegradable plastic would be your best bet. The biggest thing is, recycle it right. Using regular plastic and recycling is still better than using biodegradable and just throwing it on the ground.

  2. Hey Nathan.

    Your Presentation was engaging and I loved the super hero plastic bottle!

    I was just wondering, in your opinion, do you think we should be investing and putting our resources into finding/develping a “super” biodegradable plastic, or should we invest further into normalizing the current biodegradbale materials we have currently?

    1. Thanks again Mel!
      I think both options could work, however, my personal opinion is to clear up what we’ve already made before making more new plastics.

  3. Hey Nathan!

    Nice presentation! This topic seems to be a pretty important topic that should be discussed more often. The information was really easy for me to take in and the format was pretty solid.
    I was just wondering, are there certain factors that the “super plastic” needs to have in order to become the “super plastic”? And if so, are there any leads or potential ingredients that could possibly lead to the “super plastic?


    1. Once again, thanks for the good words. To answer your question, I was mostly theorizing about this plastic. However, in a perfect world, it would be a plastic able to biodegrade in any condition in water, in a factory, or just on the side of the road in a reasonable amount of time. In regards to material, either one of the ones I mentioned already but improved upon, or an entirely new one are equally likely.

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