Q2 Core competency assessment

1. During Quarter 1, what went well for you?

Being back in the class with all my peers went very well for me. The re-introduction to in-person classes helped both with my work ethic and overall enjoyment. My English class especially seemed to go remarkably well, even with a few slight flaws.

2. During Quarter 1, what did you find challenging or disappointing or stressful?

Even though I adapted to a variety of challenges throughout this quarter, there were still a number of them and they took their toll. In addition, the complicated cohorts and constantly changing schedule caused me quite a bit of stress.

3. Think of ONE thing you really want to improve in Quarter 2 (and Q 3&4).

The one thing that I’ve wanted to improve for a long time and will continually improve on this year is my habit of procrastination. It has plagued me for a long time, and I am getting better but there’s still work to do. This mostly involves keeping my in and out of school pursuits balanced and moving forwards.

4. What are two specific actions that you can start doing every day to get closer to your goal? How long will you spend on this action each day? What part of the day?

a. I have begun keeping a notebook to store project dates and such. My action will be to check it multiple times a day to update it and remind myself of all incoming work.

b. Second, I have let myself down in my extracurriculars. To make sure my fingers stay sharp, I’ll practice every day for a minimum of 20 mins no matter what time.

5. If you experience challenges, what might you do to work through them? Examples: ask help from a friend or parent; break the task into smaller chunks; “google” how other people may deal with similar problems.

When challenges come up, and they will, guilt may just be the answer this time. Since I know very well what it feels like to not keep up with my in and out of school work, a little guilt both from myself and possibly from friends will be sure to keep me on top of my goal.

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