Digital Literacy – Remote Learning Reflection

Remote learning has been a journey filled with highs and lows. One thing that I enjoyed about online learning was how I could work off my own schedule and take breaks when I wanted to as it gave me more flexibility. One thing I disliked was the absence of face-to-face interaction. I miss seeing my friends every day and having conversations face to face.

I have been using my laptop almost every day for remote learning. Technology has been helpful as it’s how I attend online classes, receive assignments, communicate with my teachers and peers, and complete my work. Without technology, I wouldn’t have been able to complete assignments these past few months.

Although technology has aided my remote learning experience, it has also proved to be a distraction. I have found myself taking long breaks on my phone because there isn’t a teacher watching over me throughout the whole day. I have also had quite a few Wi-Fi issues these past few months which has been quite a hassle.

One core competency that I was already proficient in was Critical Thinking. A lot of my assignments have required me to do self-directed research and find reliable sources. One specific project being an independent essay outline for Science on the effects of climate change on Canada’s spheres. Critical thinking has definitely helped with my transition to remote learning.

One core competency that I have improved during my remote learning experience is Communication. Through communicating with TEAMS, emailing teachers, and arranging meetings with my peers, I have developed my communication skills. One example is a group video project on The American Revolution. We set up online meetings and worked collaboratively through shared documents.

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