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In-Depth Post #6


The past month has been quite chaotic, but I’ve still been practicing as much as I can. I’ve mostly been refining tricks and smoothing out errors when I work, so I haven’t learned too many new tricks in the past month. I’m happy with how my transitions are smoothing out from the practice. While I was sorting all the files on my computer, I found a video I recorded practicing near the beginning of this project that I forgot I had. I’m planning to use that video in my final presentation to start off the video.

For my final presentation in my blog post I plan to compile my progress over the entire project in a shortened (possibly sped up) video, along with a final performance. With the videos I’ll write a short summary of my time with the project below the videos. I may include a short part in a video where I quickly go through some of the basic tricks that I first learned.

My online meetings with my mentor were quite slow at first, since he had tennis elbow for a few weeks after our first online meeting. Because of the tennis elbow, he couldn’t show me any of the skills and had to explain it all by description. Thankfully his descriptions were detailed enough for me to understand how a trick worked. It wasn’t quite as fun to learn tricks without having someone to practice with me. In the most recent online call, he was able to use the poi again, so we spent an extra long-time practicing.

No video today, since I’m making the main preparations for the final presentation. Overall, these past months have been really fun, and I plan to continue working on poi after the project is over. For next year I may continue poi or choose another similar topic for in-depth. I can’t decide yet.

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