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Hey! Honestly, you probably have no idea who I am. In a few years, all of that might change. My name is Simu Liu, try to remember that.

I grew up in Mississauga, Ontario and started out as an accountant. Boring, right? That’s what I thought at least. After getting let go as a (not so great) accountant, I was broke, confused, and lost, but something as small as a Craigslist Ad changed my life forever.

That Craigslist Ad introduced me to acting, and it’s been all uphill from there.

For 8 years now I’ve been an actor, writer, stuntman, and even a producer, yet you’ll be surprised how much I’ve done with this platform.

I’ve been a huge advocate for diversity and representation in Hollywood, starring in many Asian Led films including a lead role in Marvel’s first Asian American superhero, and being an outspoken online advocate. Since the beginning of my career, I’ve been calling for Hollywood to become a truly diverse and have minority representation, and I’m seen as a leader through this.


(Read these tweets, it’ll help you get to know me)

I’ve tried breaking stereotypes surrounding the Asian community. From racist jokes, to hate speech, I’ve seen it all, and I do my best to educate those around me and change the world for the better.


I’m an advocate for UNICEF. Just this year I partnered with UNICEF and plan to collaborate and be apart of their many humanitarian efforts.

I’m an outspoken voice during the Pandemic. This pandemic has pushed all of us out of our comfort zones, but I’ve been working to help people stay on the bright side. I’ve also been outspoken about how this pandemic has caused discrimination against all Asians, and how we can fix it.

And I’m just a normal guy enjoying his life and doing what he enjoys.

I grew up discriminated against, bullied, and unsure of who I really was, but now I do everything in my power to make sure nobody else feels that way. In my opinion, you should always be “Unapologetically Yourself”, and never let anyone bring you down. I’ve done so much, and I won’t ever stop.

My name’s Simu Liu, don’t forget it.



And here’s some other links if you want to learn more about me:

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14 thoughts on “EMINENT: Simu Liu Learning Centre

  1. Colby! What has impacted me the most about Simu Liu as your choice is how much you seem to look up to him! Well done sir!

  2. Thanks for making a difference in this world, especially during the pandemic. What have been your most effective ways to break stereotypes surrounding the Asian community and why?

    1. Honestly, stereotypes have surrounded me from a very young age. They dictated who I thought I was and negatively impacted me. Looking back, I see this and I realize how important breaking these stereotypes is, especially for younger kids who are in the same position as I was.
      Over time, I’ve learned many stereotypes spawn from misinformation. If we educate those around us, in a kind way, we can change everyone for the better. It can be as simple as a conversation, but educating those around you is the key to breaking stereotypes.

    1. Unfortunately, yes, I do believe it is human nature to stereotype.

      As humans, we like to think we know everything. Whether it is based on truth or based on what you’ve heard, humans develop biases. We use these biases to view the world whether we know it or not, and these biases fuel everything from opinions to stereotypes. Our inability to think purely objectively causes stereotypes to be part of human nature.

      However, this doesn’t mean there is no solution. As humans, we’re always striving to be better, and learning the truth, being open-minded, and breaking stereotypes are all ways humanity can improve as a whole.

  3. What a great eminent choice! Presentation is clean, organized, and modern-esc, reflecting how your person is currently influential. Great use of visuals to firmly establish why Simu Liu is eminent, especially in today’s culture!

  4. Hey Colby. Great presentation! Loved the quiz and I learned a lot. I was wondering how you came up with him as your eminent person? Thanks!
    – Natalie

    1. Well… Don’t tell anyone, but I was procrastinating on homework and started watching a show called Kim’s Convenience. Fortunately, I was drawn in by the character played by Simu Liu and started my research from there.

    1. I was most surprised to learn that he was a failed accountant. I figured he went straight to acting out of high school, but he actually became an accountant first.

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