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Digital Literacy #1 – ZIP


The first English assignment I have chosen for my digital literacy assignment is ZIP. ZIP was a two-week-long inquiry where we studied something of interest to us. Over the ZIP period, we created an inquiry question, made an inquiry proposal, researched our topic over 4 days, created a bibliography as a final product, before creating a learning artifact to demonstrate our learning. Below is my learning artifact, my bibliography, my inquiry question, and my proposal.

“How are the elements of cinematography used to create mood, emotion and tension in film?”

Zip Bibliography (click here)

Zip proposal (click here)

  1. I attribute credit to ideas that are not my own by preparing a Bibliography/Works Cited and by using in-text citations

During the ZIP project, we spent four days researching information on our topic. Since I had quite a bit of information from a number of different sources, I created an annotated bibliography to cite my sources, and explain what I used them for. The annotated bibliography was cited in APA and included 10 sources. This demonstrated my ability to credit ideas that are not mine, as I properly cited all the sources I used, included links to the sources, and explained how the source influenced my research/what part of my research came from the source.

2. I enhance the impact of my research or presentation through the creative use of technology

For the ZIP project, we had to present a learning artifact as a final project to represent our learning over the Inquiry. For my zip artifact, I created a youtube video. My video included all the main elements of cinematography, explained how they create mood, emotion, and tension in film, while also using movie clips as examples. I also did a short breakdown of some clips from Dunkirk in my video. My video demonstrated how I used technology to enhance my presentation as I creatively used a video editing software to add interesting transitions, and text to keep the viewer engaged, and make my presentation more flashy, and aesthetically pleasing.

3. I tailor my work to appeal to my intended audience and use language and visual design elements appropriate for them

During my ZIP project, I tailored my work to my intended audience through a number of ways. Since my audience had limited knowledge of cinematography, I had to keep my information understandable and not too advanced for the audience. Despite this, I was still able to go In-Depth because the TALONS were able to learn quickly and understand my info. I also tailored my work to appeal to my teenage audience by replicating popular video styles with fast transitions and flashy text that are similar to videos found on youtube on Instagram. This video editing style helped keep them engaged.


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