Almost There! – In-Depth Post #6

Since my last blog post, Gyu Min and Kailey have meted with me over Zoom call twice to rehearse our dance and finish the routine. Each call consists of a short review of the moves we have already learned, followed by some feedback from Kailey, and when we are ready to move on, we take on the next few steps of the dance. Kailey has made alters to our routine so it would work with us performing side by side via edited video, instead of in person. She has done an amazing job of keeping in touch with us and staying organized and patient with us, even though teaching dance over call is a lot more difficult than in person. We are not able to get the same feedback as we would if she were able to observe us from all angles, and it’s been difficult trying to explain different moves and getting proper help with our progress, but we are working very hard to try and make it work. Outside of our call meetings, Gyu Min and I have been submitting video recordings of us practicing our dance to Kailey so she can quickly edit them together and see what we look like side by side. We’ve been staying organized during this quarantine by setting dates to meet and due dates for the practice videos. My final presentation for In-Depth Night will consist of the viewing of our dance routine video (since it’s only 90 seconds) as well as a brief description of the process, how we’ve improved, and some key points that we’ve learned from Kailey. Next week, we plan to meet over call for the last time and finish our dance routine, followed by the final recording of our dance which I will edit into the final video. I am very excited to see how the dance will look once completed, and I hope to see everyone at In-Depth Night!

Here is an updated video on our dance progress:

In-Depth Dance Progress

2 thoughts on “Almost There! – In-Depth Post #6

    1. I enjoyed learning the final dance the most as opposed to developing skills and learning the basics. Though the beginning was the most educational I found the final routine most fun 🙂 Thanks Ms. Mulder.

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