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Hey everyone, thanks for stopping by my blog!
My name is Justin, a grade 9 TALONS learner, and this is my In-Depth presentation!

So for a quick rundown, the topic I dived In-DepthΒ for this year is character drawing and character design! Which basically just means drawing people . And I’ve been having tons of fun 😁.

During the past few months of In-Depth, I’ve learned to put my pencil and paper to good use. I’ve learned proportions and basic anatomy with my mentor (Thanks Ms.Croft for making this possible!) I also had the opportunity to watch some great YouTube tutorials online and look at some art from other Artists on my Instagram feed, I actually got into drawing after stumbling upon some art by Klegsart on Instagram (check him out if you can!)I think I definitely improved compared to some of the stick men I used to draw a year ago. I also tried to pick up digital art but it’s been super challenging and it’s still a work in progress.

I’m super grateful to be able to share my work and I hope that you enjoy this Final In-Depth Final Project! (sorry for the really bad camera quality I really need a better camera.)

So, for my final project I decided to design a character, because, ya know, character design.


And also since it’s Mermay (the last day is today actually) I decided to uh, draw some mermaids.

Pop any questions or comments below and I’ll do my best to answer all of them. And also my character doesn’t have a name yet, so go ahead and suggest one below too.
Thanks and have a great day!









20 thoughts on “Virtual In-Depth Night

    1. I haven’t really created a personality for my character yet, but I guess we could potentially be alike. Though I’ve never done archery before πŸ˜…

  1. Woah Justin this is reallt cool art!πŸ‘ I really like the unqieu character designs. What method of practicing do you think worked best for you?

    1. Thank you! I would just say listening to your mentor and watching youtube tutorials, then apply that learning by doing quick studies or just doodling with the sole purpose of reinforcing what you just learned. 😁

  2. Super awesome project concept! Your design is super unique and I love the art style! Highly recommend for name ideas (I use it for my own characters), and ‘Archer’ or ‘Arke’ would be my suggestions! Amazing In-Depth!

    1. Thank you for your kind words and thanks for that name creating website, I’ll make sure to check it out!

  3. Your project is so cool! I like your art style a lot and your character designs are interesting and likeable. What was the most surprising thing you learned about character design?

    1. Thank you! 😁
      I learned that uh being original is hard, trying to come up with an idea that isn’t like someone else’s can be challenging. What also surprised me is how hard it is to replicate the same character over and over again in different poses.

  4. Thanks Justin! I already learned lots about your process through your ZIP…I’m wondering what goes into designing a character? How to you characterize visually? What was your thought process when you were designing the first character shown here? Thanks!

    1. Thank you! 😁
      When you want to design characters, you first want to try to connect with the audience through that character, in this case I made her human and I drew her doing everyday things, if that makes sense. And next you have to make the character memorable, through costume or action, and usually you want to make them easy to draw again and replicate, and yeah. Also you also want to try to make the character original.
      I try to characterize visually by just trying to tell a story through the outfit/costume of the character, maybe my character was in a freak accident earlier in life and now shes trying to recover, or maybe she was born this way, etc. Get the audience to interpret the story however they feel like it. This sort of ties back to forming a connection with the viewer.
      Also my thought process for designing this character was a weird one. I just started drawing top to bottom and I ended up with this lol,|

  5. Thanks for sharing. I agree with the comment ahead of me. Where is this skill going to take you next?

    1. Thank you!
      I don’t know, I’m just thinking of drawing and drawing until maybe I get good enough to make a bit money out of it, and that could be a decent side hustle. But I find drawing to be soothing and fun, and it’ll probably just remain as one of my hobbies. 😁

  6. Very well created characters! They seem very intricate to draw, which is a very good skill to acquire! In your opinion, what was the hardest aspect of each character to draw? Why was that harder than the other parts?

    1. Uh I would 100% say the hands, since first, they’re one of the most used and seen aspects of a persons body, so they’re everywhere. And on top of that, the hands are made up of a bunch of different bones and muscles, a whole lot of em, and they’re all encompassed into one small shape, and that shape can be anything, anything, and it’s a super complicated shape too. it changes with every movement, it comes in thousands of forms, and I’m also too lazy to study the anatomy of the hand. Idk i could go on forever ranting about drawing hands instead of actually trying to draw hands properly lol.
      Anyways thank you! 🀝

  7. Absolutely amazing designs, by far one of the most unique composition and ideas used in this field I’ve seen. The demonstration of movement and emotion in your drawings are extremely precise. Consider utilizing colors, animation software (animate cc), or 3D software (blender/c4d) to infuse more life to these drawings!

    1. I’m already confused when it comes to 2d drawing software, let alone 3d. Once I get comfortable with digital art I’ll think about trying 3d. But for now, it’s pencil and paper lol. Thank you! 😊

  8. Cool artwork! I liked seeing you get the base design of the character down, and then putting him in different scenarios and drawing him from different points of view. Well done!

    1. Thanks! I probably could’ve done a more extensive character sheet laying down everything, but I realized I didn’t have any big pieces of paper lying around so I had to use some smaller pieces of paper which did make the composition a bit weird. Thank you! 😁

  9. Very impressive art! I’ve always struggled with drawing people, so now I know who to turn to when I need to ask for help.

    1. I still struggle too πŸ˜… I have yet to properly attempt the more challenging angles and I still need to work on my understanding of basic anatomy and my hands haha. Thank you!

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