17 thoughts on “Final Blog Post

  1. Sick edits and mountain biking! I especially loved the choice of music, cuts, and voice overs on your final video.The website was also super clean and showed a great progression through in-depth. I also loved how you included your goals and your ideas for the future at the end too. Amazing work, keep shredding 🤘

  2. Wow, awesome! The progression in how you improved was very noticeable, and the final product you made was spectacular. The music, voiceover, and all of it were great, and the fact that I forgot I was watching a vid for you in-depth project is a testament to how immersive it is. The only gripe for that final video is that the camera angle feels a little too low.

    • Thanks Ben! I agree that the camera angle was too low, that seems to be my biggest problem with filming. I even checked this time then I hit a tree and didn’t check again.

  3. Your videos show steady progress. This was the perfect choice for you. What was the most challenging part of this project for you? Why?

    • Thanks! For me, the most challenging part was getting the hang of editing. At the start, it was very confusing because there was so much to learn and it was a little frustrating because it seemed impossible. Over time I got the hang of it but there’s still a long way to go.

  4. I loved watching the videos you created, they really show how much you improved over this project! The transitions became a lot smoother and your style changed. The music really set the mood in these videos and completely changed how they felt, even when it was the same footage, and it really added to the effect. I think it was really cool that in certain videos you would lower the volume slightly so that your voice could be heard and you used other effects to make it more clear. You even timed the footage with the music in some videos, which made it all the more professional-looking. I also think that the pieces of information you occasionally shared were helpful, because it taught a bit more about what you were doing. Great work!

    • Thank you Jordan, I’m glad that you liked watching them. Thanks for your feedback, it’s good to know that all of those additions make a difference.

  5. Cool blog post! Your video editing improved a lot and the music choice for your eighth video is fun. The weebly site is also really easy to follow! Did the process of editing videos take more or less time as you improved?

    • Thanks Bana! It really depended on the video because my final one took longer than the rest however, I did get faster but I also did more work so the process isn’t much faster now.

  6. Hi, Ronan really cool videos. I really like the different shots you got in the last one.

  7. Evening Ronan! Your videos has been a joy to watch and I am very impressed with the music coordination. The flow and structure of the videos were precisely timed and it is especially noticible in your voiceover video. Being able to balance voiceovers with music is a hard task, as well as framing the videos correctly so it does not feel rough, much respect for that. Consider experimenting with the many other functions avaliable to you in the adobe softwares, such as adjusting the playspeed (slow motion) etc. Where do you see yourself moving forward with this new skill?

  8. Whoa! That’s such a cool project, and your learning centre is amazing! All your videos are so well filmed and edited, but that final video is especially awesome! Super great job on showing your learning process and explaining your steps.

  9. Wow, very cool Ronan! Your videos look just like some of the pro’s videos. Your work turned out really nicely and it was also fun to see you ride on harder runs/trails!

  10. Wow, Ronan! I was mesmerized by your riding and then equally impressed with the growth in your editing skills. I love the incorporation of voice-over and a storyline…that human elements makes the footage come alive. Ultimately, we are story creatures and we want the people behind the riding to emerge. Thank you for laying out your process so clearly for us…I watched every video!