In-Depth Post #6

1. An update on your progress since the last post #5 as well as a reflection on your mentor meetings online or over the phone.
Since my last blog post, Simran and I have been meeting my mentor via text. The reason we are not meeting through video calls is becuase my mentor is in Taiwan, and there is a 15-hour time difference which makes it hard for us to all be in a video call at the same time. Because both Simran and I don’t have much watercolor paper left, my mentor advised us to not practice our techniques on watercolor paper but instead on normal paper, although it might not look the best. I am currently spending my time practicing my techniques and thinking of what I want my final presentation to look like.

2. Describe how you are going to present and share your final post to our guests during our online In-depth Night on May 25th?
Although I am not 100% sure of what I want my final presentation to look like, one of my favorite ideas is where I will be cutting my remaining watercolor paper into smaller pieces and painting miniature paintings. I will then take photos of the miniature paintings and put them in a PowerPoint which then the viewers could look at. Because they will be miniature paintings, I will have to put lots of thought into how I want them to look like. I am very excited that everyone will be able to see my paintings, and can’t wait to till In-Depth night!

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