TALONS talk 2020

How do vibrations coming from music affect the rate of plant growth?


This is my PowerPoint: TALONS talk


If you have any questions, feel free to comment on my post!


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14 thoughts on “TALONS talk 2020

  1. Hey Amin!
    Great job on your TALON Talk! I’ve heard about this type of experiment before, but never personally tried it. What were some variables that were difficult to control? Do you know if classical music is effective on all plants, or just smaller crops and flowers? Thanks for sharing!

    “See you next year”! (as said in the video)
    TALONS alumna 2017-2019

    • Thank you Kailey!

      Some facters that were hard to control in my experiment were tempuatre, amount of water, amount of soil, amount of sun, and the age difference of the plants (as I didn’t buy them as seeds). Also, studys say classical music is effective on all kinds of plants.

      Amin Lotfi

  2. Great presentation! I like how you mentioned all the reasons why the experiment may have not been as accurate, so the viewers can have a fuller understanding of your topic.
    One question that occurred to me was: Is music in particular helpful to plant growth, or does anything with this particular wave length affect plant growth? In other words, is the music helpful to the plants in the same way that we like it, or is the music just coincidentally both helpful to plant growth and liked by humans?

    • Thank you for your feedback David!

      To answer your question, it is the particular wave length that affects the rate of plant growth, not the sounds of the music. In other words, like I said in my powerpoint, it is the vibrations comming from music (Vibration comming from the soundwaves) that affects plant growth.

      Amin Lotfi

  3. Wow! I really enjoyed your talk. You did a great job of explaining your topic in a way that is easy to understand. It’s really cool that you already did a small experiment.

    One wish that I have is that you added your key ideas to each slide, as it helps reiterate your point, but otherwise great job.

    In your presentation you only talked about rock and classical music, so I was wondering if there are any studies that have been done about other genres of music?

    – Ruby

    • Thank you so much Ruby!

      To answer your question, since there wern’t many “scientific” researches about how music affects plant growth, I’m not sure if this is a hundered percent correct, but I heard that jazz music also helps fasten the rate of plant growth. In particular, violin music seems to have the greatest effects.

      Amin Lotfi

  4. Nice TALON talk Amin. I really liked how clear and concise everything is. Your points are supported by images and other experiments. But while watching your presentation, I began to wonder what aspects of each genere attract or repel plantlife.

    -Ewan Hildebrand, TALONS 9

    • Thank you Ewan!

      To answer your question, the reason plants grow away from rock music is because the vibrations produced by rock music creates too much pressure that isn’t conductive for plant growth. The reason plant are attracted to classical music is becuase the vibrations speed up the protoplasmic movement in the cells and assist growth.

      Amin Lotfi

  5. Really cool presentation Amin! You explained the concepts very clearly, making it very easy to follow. I also like how you inserted video link into your presentation for additional information, as well as how you conducted a mini experiment to see the affects of music on plants.

    One small wish that I have is to have a slide that summarizes all of your key points.

    One question that I have for you is: Do you know the optimal amount of time that the plants should listen to music for to increase growth?


    • Thank you for your feedback Mike!

      Although I am not able to find any “scienctic” studys about how long a plant should listen to music, some sources say the optimal ammount of time plants should listen to music for increased growth is around 8 hours.

      Amin Lotfi

  6. Amin!! Your presentation was great! I like how you had a very clear structure in your speech on the things that you will be going over. Your voice is clear and you have a lot of engaging questions. It is a very interesting topic that you chose and I am excited to see where this leads you.
    One question I have is since it wont be easy to generalize an entire genre into one song, how would you choose one song according to the genre?

    • Thank you so much Grace!

      If I had to choose one song to represent classical music, I would say Richard Wagner – The Valkyrie: Ride of the Valkyries, as it includes all classical intruments, such as the violin.

      Amin Lotfi

  7. Great presentation Amin! We have very similair topics so I enjoyed hearing what you found in your research! I loved how you actually conducted the experiment yourself so you could see first hand if it was true! My question would be is growth the only thing the sound affects or does it affect other aspects of the plant too?

    • Thank you Haily!

      I’ve just realised that we have practically have the same topics! To answer your question, growth is not the only thing music can affect. Studies say that music also helps other parts of the plant such as the fruit, pollen, and leaves.

      Amin Lotfi

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