In-Depth Blog Post #1

My skill

Hello, my name is Amin Lotfi and for this year’s in-depth project I have chosen baking as my in-depth project. I hope to learn about baking techniques, how to use baking equipment, what kinds of ingredients I should use, how to make my own recipe, and basic baking skills once I have finished in-depth. For my final in-depth project, I will show my learning by putting photos of the bakery items I have made throughout in-depth and include my own home-made recipe with photos of how it turned out. I want to be able to bake my own sweets anytime without any help such as recipes once in-depth is finished.


I chose baking as I always had an interest in baking or any kind of cooking. In fact, one of the reasons I did culinary as one of my electives this year was so that I would get a chance to learn the basics of cooking and baking so that I would have a head-start for when I would start in-depth. My mom is also into baking, so sometimes we will make cupcakes or cakes together. But to be honest, I just want to be able to make my own sweets like brownies and eat them whenever I want.

How are you going to learn this skill?

I will learn how to bake with the help of my mentor, videos, blogs, and recipes. I will try to make one bakery item per week, so I don’t forget any of the techniques or skills I learned. I am planning to do a video call with my mentor every two weeks and use online resources between the two weeks. I will first learn how to use all the equipment, then some basic baking techniques, then how to use ingredients as toppings, and finally how to make my own recipe. This will ensure that I accomplish everything I need to before the end of in-depth.

What can others do to help you?

My mentor will be the one who will help be become a better baker. She is my friend’s mom, and the reason I wanted her to be my mentor was as she is a great baker, and I know that as I tasted her bakery items before. I will also get help from the internet, such as videos, blogs, recipes, and books.

Progress report:

Although I have not done much in the baking part, I have figured out who my mentor is going to be, what my in-depth project will be, not to mention my first in-depth blog post. I hope by the next blog post I have done a few meetings with my mentor and baked at least twice.


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