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I found this page to be very useful for when I was adding interesting facts to my speech and learning center. It gives you information on less important ideas for why she is eminent and more information about the filler stuff so that my speech had varying levels of information. Letting it range from heavily important information to the information I add between the important parts. In addition it did also give me some of the same information I already had, confirming that the prior information was true.

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This link was one of my most used ones and here’s why, this page doesn’t just talk about her net worth. This page asks questions and then answers them, it also gives you a lot of important background information. Plus when I double checked the info with other sites everything said the same things so I think this was a reliable resource for when I was gathering information.

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This link was good because it showcased all of the charities she regularly donates to. Putting how much she really donates into perspective. In addition you can see what causes she supports which I found to be really interesting, this was important especially when people asked questions during Night of the Notables. Finally I found this useful because if you scroll down to the bottom of the page you can see related articles about J.K. Rowling which directed me to more information about her.

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I used this web page the most for gaining information about J.K. Rowling’s childhood. They include so many aspects of her as a child and before she was famous. Going into great detail about the process of her becoming eminent was what I was looking for and they had it. I found it extremely reliable and even though it is a few years old all the facts are accurate because they are talking about the past, not the present.

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This website was extremely important in the process of researching J.K. Rowling. This site doesn’t just note on her being one of the first to fall off the Forbes Billionaire list, it also goes on to talk about other aspects about her quite in-depth. It talks about her work with charity and goes into detail about her own charity, Lumos. Not only that but this website contains some good quotes from her and is good for learning about Institutionalization and how it’s bad.

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