Eminent person Blog reflection

By reading the different blog posts I was able to learn about different people from different backgrounds and different career paths. My favorite person I learned about was an inventor named Robert Noyce. He invented several things like an integrated circuit made from silicone. I also learned about an anime writer named Hideaki Anno, an army officer named Desmond Doss, a writer named Louisa May Alcott, and an American gymnast named Sunisa LeeA few main takeaways I got from reading other blog posts were to break up my paragraph to make it sound better, to include more about john Conway’s theories to give the reader more information about what he did and to include a few videos of John Conway to make my blog post look better. Also, from reading the comments on my blog post I should talk more about him and include more photos of him.  I feel that if I implement these ideas from other people’s blogs into mine that it will take my blog from ok to great. Overall, I feel that I got a lot of useful and helpful to improve my blog out of looking at my peers’ blogs and I will try to implement some of these takeaways in the future. 

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