Eminent person interview reflection


Over the course of two weeks, I sent four interview requests (via email) to three different people for my eminent person project. Sadly, I was not able to get a response to obtain an interview but before I get to the reasons why I wasn’t able to obtain an interview I first should explain why I chose these people or organizations.


My first email was to John Conway’s place of work also known as Princeton university’s math wing. I chose to email this organization because if I got an interview, I might be able to seek insight into what he did at the university and how he was liked there. I also was hoping that I might be able to understand more about what made him inspiring and eminent while occupying the John Van Neumann position at Princeton University.


My second email was to a journalist named Mark Alpert. When I sent him an email, I was hoping that he could give me some insight into how john Conway was important to the mathematical community. I was hoping this because he wrote many articles on John Conway’s mathematical impact on the world.


My third email was to a journalist named Siobhan Roberts. When I sent her an email, I was hoping for her to give me insight into John Conway’s eminence. I thought she could do this because she wrote numerous articles describing his eminence and his inspirational qualities.


My last email was a response to Siobhan Roberts. It was basically just a last-ditch attempt to contact my most prominent potential interviewee.


What I thought went wrong were two main points.  Number one lack of potential interviewees. On one hand, Because John Conway worked in a lot of different math subjects, he had a lot of coworkers. On the other hand, because john Conway lived to 82 before he passed, most of his coworkers were either dead or not in the right position to do an interview Because of this and the fact that none of his family had any jobs or study in mathematics, I was only able to email his place of work or people who wrote articles about him.   Number two, lack of emails. I only sent four emails to three people. I wish I was able to send more but I was not able to find the time to go through his coworkers a dozen times only to find out they had passed on.

In conclusion, I sent four emails to three people and got zero responses.  My thoughts on why this happened are I did not send enough emails to different people because there were not that many potential people to interview.

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