In-Depth Final Post: Google, How Do I Learn To Yoyo in 5 Minutes?

Hi, I’m Colby Ng, and this year for In-Depth I explored what professionally yoyoing really is. Enjoy!

Definition Yo-yo/Yoyoing:

  • toy consisting of a flattened spool wound with a string that is spun down from and reeled up to the hand by motions of the wrist. 
  • To move up and down; fluctuate.
  • To manipulate or maneuver (someone or something).

“It does not matter how busy or old we become, we shall always find happiness in playing with a yoyo.”

– Unknown

Step 1: Learn What Types of Yoyo’s There Are

A Beginner's Guide to Yoyo - General Yo-Yo - YoYoExpert Forums

Firstly, there are different shapes to yoyos, different shapes are better for different tricks. As a beginner you want lots of room to work with, so the wider the better. Secondly, there are responsive (flat), and unresponsive (curved) bearings. A responsive yoyo is best for beginners as a simple flick of the wrist brings the yoyo up. However, unresponsive bearings allow for much harder and more complex tricks.

Step 2: Learn What Components Make Up a Yoyo

Strings, bearings, spools, and wings are all the components that make up a yoyo. Combined they create our modern yoyos, just be sure not to break any of them, especially the string. Taking care of your yoyo is important if you want it to work properly. High-end yoyo’s need lubrication, string changing, and under no circumstances do you want to drop your yoyo and risk breaking parts.

Step 3: Learn Some Quick History of Yoyoing

World Champion Gentry Stein (See Above)


While seen widely as a toy, in the late 1900’s yoyo’s spun into mainstream pop culture. Through the years yoyoing has evolved into many different types, but performance yoyoing still remains prevalent. Added with music, a combination of tricks are thrown together to create an alluring performance almost akin to hip-hop dance. A mix of skill, creativity, adaptability, practice, and flow are all you need to put together a great performance.

Step 4: Throw Your Yoyo and Get Started (Add Music for Spice)

See Below. Yoyoing is a throw and a spin away.

Pro-tip, don’t throw your yoyo at anything breakable!

Final Presentation

Feel free to comment below, ask any questions, or take a look at my previous posts for more information.

38 thoughts on “In-Depth Final Post: Google, How Do I Learn To Yoyo in 5 Minutes?

  1. Your music and yoyo tricks are greatly choreographed. Your progress these past five months has been noticed. Which is your favorite trick and why?

    1. My favourite trick to perform is definitely my own personal trick I created called ‘Bail Out’. Near the 57 second mark of my performance, you can see me perform this trick. I created it by ‘Bailing Out’ of another trick and adding my own personal touches/recovery. The combination of creativity, yoyo skill, and fixing a mistake is why I love doing this trick so much.

  2. Hey Colby, the yoyoing presentation was really cool! What was the hardest part about the production of your yoyo video?

    1. The hardest part was landing the different tricks consistently. One mistake and I had t start again from the top. The choreography was also an interesting challenge, but a lot of my ideas came from freestyle yoyoing.

  3. That was super cool Colby! Good song choice. What do you think the hardest trick to learn was? As a bonus, how long did your project take to choreograph?

    1. The project took about 2 weeks to choreograph with a bit of work every day. The hardest trick isn’t even in my presentation, but search up Finger Grind/Finger spin. That trick still eludes me even today.

    1. I might’ve broken my string and flung my yoyo across my room at some LEGO. All up for speculation of course.

      1. So that’s what Dad and I heard crash and bang upstairs one night!!

        Love all the work that went into your project and how you’ve improved. I have definitely been entertained over the last few months.

  4. Wow! Great job!! One question: What is your favourite trick and how long did it take to learn?

    1. My favourite trick is the one I created on my own, ‘Bail Out’. As it was created by accident it took about a day or two of repetition and refining.

  5. Wow – super impressive routine – especially love the video editing! How many different “tricks” were included in your video?

  6. This is so cool, Colby! Are there any sources you can provide me to begin learning how to yoyo? Great job!


    1. Check out the World Champion’s Instagram: @gentrystein
      He provides great instruction and inspiration.

  7. SHEEEEEEEESH! (forgive my cringiness). Yoyoing is so awesome. Your presentation is great, I love how the yoyoing and music is actually timed together! Are you done with yoyoing or are you going to keep learning?

    1. Yoyoing is a lot of fun and quite relaxing once you get all the basics down. It is a great way to pass the time, so I expect to keep yoyoing in the future.

  8. ………………I’d be lying if I said that I watched this once. I think my replay button is slightly broken HAHA

    COLBY THIS IS MESMERIZING!! When I was a bit younger and less senior-y I remember a couple of my friends getting into this but I’m pretty certain nobody ended up being as good as you! I love the song choice and how it’s oddly on beat with your tricks. Overall!! I am!! Super entertained and impressed! Good job!!


    1. Thanks, Yunmin! It was fun getting everything on the beat and definitely ended up better than I expected.

  9. this should 100% be turned into a music video
    that is my 2 cents
    also very cool man, I would’ve hit myself with the yoyo if i tried any of those, so props to you

  10. I loved your video Colby! All of the yoyo tricks you learned look super cool, and the choreography is amazing!!

  11. This is magic…it feels like a finely choreographed dance! Are you in the moment and do what comes to mind or is there a degree of preplanning? So mesmerizing!

    1. For this performance, it was definitely pre-planned and timed. However, at the beginning of choreography, it was all just freestyle yoyoing.

  12. WOAH! That was so cool Colby! I absolutely loved how you choreographed your tricks to go perfectly with the music. So impressive!

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