Shark Tank Project (M&E 9)

This assignment was my final project for Marketing and Entrepreneurship 9. I worked in a group with two other people, and together we deigned, created, and presented a business idea to our class; The Unmove-A-Bowl, the bowl that never spills. The presentation was set up like a Shark Tank pitch and we used props, a PowerPoint, and a display in our presentation.

This assignment took a lot of previous knowledge as it was very open ended. First of all, we had to understand how Shark Tank worked so that we would be ready for any and all questions. Secondly, we had to know how to use editors and PowerPoint so that we could make our presentation and our advertisement. Lastly, we needed creativity skills as we had to bring in a functioning prototype as part of the presentation.

This final assignment created many challenges due to how big and important it was. One of the main challenges we faced was work distribution. There were three of us, so splitting everything up was tough. Secondly, we had winter break right in the middle of the project, so we couldn’t collaborate during that. Besides that our presentation went very well and we ended up getting a 97% on the project.