TALONS Digital Literacy Assignment Reflection #3: Electricity Science Lab

Science Electricity Lemon Lab

Lab: https://sd43bcca-my.sharepoint.com/:w:/g/personal/125-cng1_sd43_bc_ca/Eegq42KCGUZPiaSKdV2Yc7MBNYMygWDcIYmM3JcOcqYwZA?e=dSBqJx

This science project was one of our group Science labs. I had to collaborate with 4 other students and organize, design, and carry out a science experiment. We created an experiment to test if liquids or solids produced more electricity (Juice or Fruit). We then researched and designed our experiment both inside and outside of school. After that, we carried out our experiment and wrote up our paper on what we found.

1. I used digital spaces to plan and execute collaborative projects with my peers.

While planning out our lab, we needed more time to work. We had planned and talked in school, but we decided to set up a video call where all of us could continue to work on the lab at home. We started a video chat and planned out what materials to bring, what procedure to do, and everything we could before the actual experiment. This was how I used a digital space to plan and execute part of my science lab.

2. I constructively build upon or synthesize the ideas of my peers.

Since this was a group project we split up the work and did it all evenly. When we were designing the experiment there wasn’t any one way to do it so we ended up brainstorming on facetime. Whenever someone had a good idea like using multiple fruits instead of just lemons, we used the idea and built off it. We even added multiple fruits and multiple juices as a way to build off a previous idea. The whole project was like this and we rolled with whatever good ideas came up.

3. I enhance the impact of my research or presentation through the creative use of technology.

At the end of our experiment when we were doing the lab write up, we used online research as part of our lab. When we were explaining why liquids give off more electricity than solids, we were only given papers and textbooks as sources. However, not all of our findings could be explained with only those sources. So we went online and did research to enhance our lab report even more. We went to explain electrolytes and ions in water with the online research that we couldn’t have done with just the textbook. We ended up using those sources to help ourselves more than we could’ve without them.

Shark Tank Project (M&E 9)


This assignment was my final project for Marketing and Entrepreneurship 9. I worked in a group with two other people, and together we deigned, created, and presented a business idea to our class; The Unmove-A-Bowl, the bowl that never spills. The presentation was set up like a Shark Tank pitch and we used props, a PowerPoint, and a display in our presentation.

This assignment took a lot of previous knowledge as it was very open ended. First of all, we had to understand how Shark Tank worked so that we would be ready for any and all questions. Secondly, we had to know how to use editors and PowerPoint so that we could make our presentation and our advertisement. Lastly, we needed creativity skills as we had to bring in a functioning prototype as part of the presentation.

This final assignment created many challenges due to how big and important it was. One of the main challenges we faced was work distribution. There were three of us, so splitting everything up was tough. Secondly, we had winter break right in the middle of the project, so we couldn’t collaborate during that. Besides that our presentation went very well and we ended up getting a 97% on the project.