Overall, I have not enjoyed remote learning. Specifically, I dislike the lack of face to face interactions, and a feeling of connection to my class. I miss the energy that comes from being in a classroom with other students and my teachers. One advantage of remote learning is that I don’t have to commute to and from school. Technology is an essential for learning online. I benefited from technology when I needed to record videos for my Science TALONS Talk, and Guitar. Technology comes with many distractions, especially with the notification system. I often disable notifications to focus on my schoolwork, however a few times I missed timely notifications too. One core competency that has helped me is Personal Awareness and Responsibility, because it drove me forward to make sure I was staying on top of my homework. I have met almost all of my deadlines and kept up with my classes. One core competency that I have improved during this online experience is Communication. I have been participating more in class online, and sharing my learning. For example, before my calls, I prepare my thoughts ahead of time and virtually raise my hand early in class discussions.