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How do different types of frequencies affect plants?

Hello TALONS! Welcome to my TALONS Talk, feel free to leave a question or comment below!


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  1. David

    Great video overall!
    – You gave a lot of information explaining EM waves, which was really helpful in understanding your final conclusion.
    – You used many images and graphs to your advantage, making your video interesting and easy to understand.

    I probably misunderstood, but you mentioned that some EM waves may be helpful to plant growth (such as sunlight). Why is it that other waves are bad for plant growth? Will lower frequency waves help plant growth?

    • Derek

      Hey David,

      Thanks for your feedback!

      Based on my research so far, the effects of different EMR waves at various frequencies are mixed. High frequency EMR waves emit ionizing radiation, which affects matter at a molecular level, causing changes to electrons. For example, exposure to X-rays causes cellular damage. Lower frequency waves in some studies potentially help plant growth, however other studies showed root damage and an interruption in germination.

  2. Lara

    Wow, Derek, I loved your presentation! I especially liked your use of gesticulation and expression through your face and voice to add depth to what you were explaining. I also liked your creative use of explanations you did by hand; it really added clarity to your topic. My question for you is: What specifically interested you about frequencies and plants in the first place? Why did you choose this topic?
    This was super interesting. Thank you!

    • Derek

      Hi Lara,

      Thank you for your comments!

      We have a blacklight in our living room and that room also happens to be the room where I have my own house plant. I started to wonder whether it was having an effect on my plant. Then I realized that there were a number of electronics in that room as well, and what effect they might be having on my plant (which wasn’t doing too well). So I decided to do my TALONS Talk on that subject.

  3. Indah

    Really great presentation Derek! Your introduction was really strong and got me hooked instantly. You really clearly explained each part of your ted talk, making it very informative and easy to follow along. I love how you used charts, arrows, drawings, and a bunch of other ways to clearly present your information. Do you know why some frequencies damage plant growth? If there is not full explanation of this, do you have a theory as to why?

    • Derek

      Hello Indah,

      Thanks for commenting!

      High frequency EMR waves emit ionizing radiation, which affects matter at a molecular level, causing changes to electrons. Although I couldn’t find research specifically on the effects on plants, I hypothesize that high frequency EMR would cause damage similar to how radiation affects people.

  4. Ruby

    Great job! I really enjoyed watching your presentation! It was very creative, especially your drawings and diagrams. Referencing certain studies really helped further support your points.

    I was wondering, what is the main idea that you want people to take away from your presentation?

    – Ruby

    • Derek

      Hi Ruby,

      Thank you for your feedback!

      The main idea I want to get across to my audience is that since cell phone usage and other technology is increasing, we need to be aware of the outcomes. Specifically, the effect of EMR waves on plants and our environment.

  5. Amin

    Hello Derek!

    I really had fun watching your presentation! It was very organised and engaging. I liked how you used graphs and diagrams to help explain your points. One question I have for you is: Would music be able to help/damage plants? If yes, why? If no, why not?

    Amin Lotfi

    • Derek

      Hey Amin!

      That’s a great question!

      Music fits within the category of radio waves, so I think it’s possible that music could have an impact on plant growth. In fact, Mythbusters did an episode about music and plants, and found it plausible. The episode was called “Exploding House”. If you are curious to learn more, this link has a summary:

  6. MyungJoon

    Hi Derek!

    Nice video! It was really informative and it was really easy to understand as well. The study that you showed of about the effects of wifi on germination and development of water cress was super interesting and helped me understand a bit better.
    Quick question, do you know how exactly ionizing radiation is able to change or move electrons?


  7. Gyu Min J.

    Hey Derek! Awesome job on your entire TALONS Talk speech and the editing of your final video as well! I commend you for taking the time to film and edit and just taking that extra step for your project. It really adds another level of engagement.
    One star about your speech was the flawless interactive component that you included in your video, explaining the different types of wavelengths using the electromagnet spectrum and labeling the diagram as you speak. This made me want to pay attention, and you did a great job organizing your thoughts into a super concise and quick lesson on each wavelength.
    As for a wish for your TALONS Talk, I genuinely couldn’t think of one for a while! I think your presentation covered everything you needed to in a professional and engaging manner, and it was nothing short of spectacular. So instead of a wish about your overall presentation (which is what I would usually give), I’d like to give a helpful tip. I noticed that your voiceover audio clips were muffled or had a generous amount of background noise during some parts. This didn’t affect the overall presentation, but it’s something to keep a note of. I assumed you used a phone or laptop to record your audio. To make your audio sound a little more professional and clean, I suggest simply heading into a closet and recording there. In addition, setting your phone or laptop down on a flat surface without touching it can help as well.
    Finally, I’ve got one question for you: Do you believe that the 5G tower developments in cities should continue to take place or stop at the moment?
    Overall, I learned a ton from your talk and I hope you had fun learning too! I guess you could say my head “hertz” from all this thinking (haha)!

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