Project: Climate Change Paper

Description: Our teacher challenged us to take one block of class time, and write a paper on a question. The question he asked was “Do you agree that human rights are the single most important factor impeding our ability to act on Climate Change? If so, why? If not, what do you think it is?”.

Link to my Paper: here it is

Criteria met:

Research and Information Literacy: 

I identify and discuss bias in research sources. 

For this paper I used only four different sources due to the time limit, and because of that I needed to be really careful in looking for any bias, because of how controversial climate change is to the press. I made sure to look through all my sources, and thoroughly looked for any bias or any reason for bias in anyone. I am also aware that you are sometimes immune to seeing your own bias, but I did my best to look from opposing view with the limited amount of time I was given to research and write my paper. 

I look at controversial issues or topics from opposed perspectives to gain a more complete understanding. 

This paper required me to utilize my skills of finding multiple reliable sources in a short amount of time, and due to this fact, I made sure that because I had only four sources, I read through each one as thoroughly as I could during the time I was allotted. The problem with writing a paper about climate change is because it is such a controversial subject, you get quite a few opposing sources, so I tried to stick to the facts and form my own opinion. This worked out quite well, as the paper is quite neutral and it states only facts, without having any claims made just based on personal opinion. 

Digital Citizenship: 

My work demonstrates a positive, productive, and empathetic worldview. 

Because the issue of climate change affects everyone on the earth in different ways, not just me, or any one group of people, I didn’t slander any countries or races and kept my paper based purely on the facts. I realize that the only way that we’re going to solve the problem at hand is by working together, the optimal way to do that is by making sure everyone is equally listened to and mentioned. I made sure to think about the issue from other people’s point of view to make sure I didn’t say anything rude or insensitive, and to make a fully rounded paper.