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Indepth Night! – The Finale

Come one, come all, to In-depth Night 2021. Don’t let the presence of an international pandemic fool you, us TALONS kids still have quite a line up of projects, this one being no exception. Especially in my partner in volleyball,… Continue Reading →

In-depth Post 6 – Major Improvement

Progress Report: Well there’s no better way to say this, a LOT has happened since the last blog post. Evidently it was a while ago, but it feels like I’ve grown a very significant amount in the last month in… Continue Reading →

Indepth Blog Post 5 – Getting Back Into It

Progress report: Over the last two weeks, many changes have happened, and as part of that there were a large amount of adaptations that had to happen. For starters, Mr. Salisbury had his baby, so we were unable to meet… Continue Reading →

In-depth Blog Post 3 – A Setback

Progress Report Since my last meeting, an inconvenience has arisen that has made the entire process of practicing a lot more difficult. Simply put, we can not use the gyms for Thursday practice anymore, due to scheduling conflicts with the… Continue Reading →

In-depth Blog Post 2 – Adapting

How to have a Beautiful Mind: Agreeing, Disagreeing, Differing in opinion: In order to be a good mentee, you have to try to be open. Open to new opinions, to different perspectives, corrections of form, and to new information. As… Continue Reading →

In-depth Blog Post 1 – The Beginning

Volleyball What skill have you chosen to learn? My name is Devon Brooks, and this year I have chosen to learn how to play the sport of Volleyball, both in the respect of physically performing the six main volleyballs of… Continue Reading →

Freddie Mercury Eminent Learning Centre

Hello everybody!! This is my eminent learning centre for the 2020 eminent project. Due to COVID we can obviously not host an in person live eminent night, but don’t let that stop you from enjoying yourself. Don’t stop now, and… Continue Reading →

Developing the Leaders Around You

The Law of Explosive Growth¬† “To add growth, lead followers…. to multiply growth, lead leaders” – The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership This principle is referring to the fact that the more information, power, and ability you give the leaders… Continue Reading →

Remote Learning reflection

What are your thoughts on remote learning and your experience with it? What have you liked and disliked about(?) it? I’ve had a pretty good experience with remote learning so far. I’ve liked the simplicity, but struggled with the clashing… Continue Reading →

Rockets TALON Talk

Here is a link to my TED talk: B I chose to do a presentation on the history of rockets! I hope you have a blast watching this (pun intended). Link to Power point: Here¬† Link to Script and Bibliography:… Continue Reading →

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