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Come One, Come all, to my In depth Night Presentation!

Good Evening Everyone! I hope you’re enjoying your night so far, and Thank you for coming! Welcome to my In-depth project of 2019-20. My name is Devon Brooks, and I chose to do public speaking! I chose public speaking mainly… Continue Reading →

In-depth Post #6 (Final)

Since the last blog post, I’ve fallen into a regular routine where I practice my speech 3 times a week, twice with my grandmother over FaceTime and once by myself. She gives me tips about my speaking cadence and speed,… Continue Reading →

Environmental Footprint Project

My environmental footprint was 6.75 Hectares, which, when compared to my classmates, is definitely below average. However, it is still significantly larger than I expected. Proof of calculation 10 actions that currently increase the size of my footprint are: Buying firsthand… Continue Reading →

In-depth post 5

Over the course of this month, I’ve edited down my speech as much as I can, and realized that the shortest I can get my speech is 12 minutes, and that’s without adding proper pauses and pictures. I won’t be… Continue Reading →

In-depth post 4

This month has been quite hectic, but between all the school projects and the COVID-19 situation I have managed to make some progress on my in-depth. I managed to finish writing the draft for my speech, and I’m currently going… Continue Reading →

TALONS Digital Literacy Assignment 4

Project: The Research and Analysis of the inner workings of an everyday electrical appliance Description: We were given a week to research and write a short paper on how a simple electrical appliance worked by using what we had learned… Continue Reading →

TALONS Digital Literacy Assignment 3

Project: Climate Change Paper Description: Our teacher challenged us to take one block of class time, and write a paper on a question. The question he asked was “Do you agree that human rights are the single most important factor… Continue Reading →

TALONS Digital Literacy Assignment 2

Project: ZIP Description: For 8 days, our teacher challenged us with choosing a topic, researching it using reliable sources, presenting it in a creative and informative way, and then citing our sources. For my topic, I chose to research how… Continue Reading →

In-depth Post 3

 What went particularly well during your mentoring sessions? Our sessions were efficient, and we’re both somewhat extroverted so there was no period of awkwardness, we went straight to business. We established a good basis for our relationship, staying friendly while… Continue Reading →

TALONS Digital Literacy Assignment 1

Project: Shakespeare vignettes Description: We were challenged with making a spin off of a Shakespeare play, where we were given creative liberty and then presented it in front of the class. This play was required to be a minimum of… Continue Reading →

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