Lin Manuel Miranda Eminent Learning Centre

Hey everyone! Here is the link to my online learning centre on Youtube. Enjoy!


28 thoughts on “Lin Manuel Miranda Eminent Learning Centre

  1. Indah, how on earth did you get Miranda to agree to be in your film?? How much did he charge you? Super impressed over here…

  2. INDAHHH! This is formatted so nice and CLEAN! The production quality is immaculate. Crisp audio. Cute setup. WONDERFUL choice of person. Well done!!!

  3. Little Lin will go down to be one of my favorite characters from any of your videos. Your production quality just keeps getting higher! You should be super proud of yourself, great work!

  4. Little Lin or Big Lin, why is “leaving a legacy” so important to you? Indah, did an amazing job reviewing your career so far. She was creative, humorous and informative? You way wish to consider her for one of your next shows! By the way she is an amazing video editor, too. Lin, please contact me if you need any further insight into her abilities and character.

    1. Thanks for the comment, Ms. Mulder. Leaving a legacy is so important to me because I want to be able to leave my mark on the world. It’s incredible how many accomplished people are forgotten in history. I want to be able to influence others so that I can live on, past my own life, in a positive light. I encourage others to do the same!
      I will definitely consider including Indah in one of my next broadway shows!
      – Lin

  5. WOW! That’s such an amazing presentation style on one of my favourite eminent people! Great thought and care into looking into the not-as-obvious eminent moments outside of Hamilton (as great as it is). Wonderful presentation and learning centre!

  6. Woah!!!! Little Lin really killed it out there! I’d say that reporter did a pretty groovy job too 🙂 How did it feel to be in the limelight? I really enjoyed the videos! Congrats on a wonderful performance and learning centre.

    1. Thank you Devon Brooks! I love being in the spotlight, even after all these years of performing. The thrill never gets old!
      – Lin

  7. Excellent work! I have learned so much from Hamilton and really enjoy the performance too. I’m sure Indah would love to meet you one day 😉

    1. Thank you Emma! I’ll let Indah know that you liked the video. You have an amazing learning centre yourself!
      – Lin

  8. Indah, I am super impressed! I can tell you worked really hard on your project. Very inspirational and I now know so much more about Lin Manuel Miranda. Well done!

  9. I feel I have learned so much about Hamilton the person, Hamilton the play, and the person who brought the story to us – you ! Lin Manuel Miranda! Also, I like the beard ! 😃

    1. I don’t think there is a Canadian equivalent to Alexander Hamilton. Hamilton’s accomplishments are specific to the American revolution and government. Canadian history is unique, and heroes were formed in very different ways.

  10. I absolutely loved this presentation! Lin, thank you so much for creating one of my (and many others’) favourite musicals! If you could change one part about the production or songwriting in Hamilton, would you? If yes, what would it be?

    And please let Indah know that I loved the quality and editing of the videos!

    1. Thank you! I’m so glad that you like Hamilton. I don’t think I would want to change any aspect of Hamilton if I could. It took me six years of hard work, and many different versions, drafts, songs, trials, and fails to produce the final result of Hamilton. And I have to say, if it’s some people’s favourite musical, I would say it’s perfect the way it is! I’ll let Indah know you liked the video!
      – Lin

  11. Wow so cool! The green screen looked really good for little Lin! I thought that the music was an awesome addition to the videos. Moreover the end card was so awesome!

    1. Thank you very much Glen! I will let Indah know that you enjoyed the video. (I have to say, I don’t exactly know what you mean by “green screen,” as I was right there with Indah when we filmed the video.)
      – Lin

  12. Hi Mr Manuel Miranda? Mr Miranda? Hi Lin, I really loved the way you talked about yourself in this presentation. You provided really clear, concise details in a creative format! I loved the editing and the music and the really professional quality. Good job Lin!

  13. Wow wow wow!!! I loved your presentation!! It was so professional, clean, engaging, and informative! I absolutely love Hamilton, In the Heights, and pretty much anything you do, so it was a pleasure to meet you Mr. Miranda!! Awesome choice of eminent person and amazing job 🙂

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