3 thoughts on “Talon Talk”

  1. Hello.

    I probably most enjoyed the research that you seemed to have put into this project. The studies you cited provided good context for your problem. It also seems like your experiment is a natural progression of the findings in those papers, which is neat. The applications you gave also aided in getting me invested. I want to ask though, would bacteria specific to different regions on the Earth respond differently to the applied radiation, and if so, how do you think they would differ?

  2. Nice job! I loved the pictures you used, as they really helped me understand what you were saying! I also liked how you included why the topic was relevant to other topics. I want to ask, how is light wave energy and wave lenght measured?

  3. Hi Kaiwen! I really enjoyed your TALON Talk. It was very detailed and gave me a different perspective on bacteria growth. I liked how this topic was relevant in terms of preventing the spread of bacteria during COVID times. I was wondering, how could this knowledge be useful to preventing transmitted bacteria?
    – Rian

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