In-Depth Post 2022

This is my first blog post for my In-Depth project in 2022. I am choosing to learn programming in the language Python. I was initially going to choose C as my language, but after persuasion from family and discovering that Python is generally better, I chose it instead. I chose programming because I thought it would be useful in an increasingly digital world. I wanted to learn how to program from a young age, but never started learning. Python, I thought, was better than C because it was more beginner friendly and provided more benefit. The reason I would have wanted to choose C was because it might have been better at making the computer do things, which I thought was the case because it was more complex. After learning that it provides no more benefit than Python, my choice was obvious. 

Currently I have ideas for mentors but have not accepted one because of a lack of the required paperwork. My mom has been asking friends, but the ones that do understand Python are quite inconvenienced by the paperwork due to being out of the province. This slows down progress a bit, but I have been doing some learning on my own to make up for the time. The learning has not been particularly challenging, and I have learned how to use simple commands such as print and loops, and some more advanced ones such as object classes and variable pickling. 

I am using the book “Begin to Code With Python” by Rob Miles to supplement the learning, and it has been very helpful so far. The author seems to be very knowledgeable about programming and the book goes into detail about how things like global variables function. 

At the rate I am progressing, I expect to have mastered the fundamentals of Python in around a month. 

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