My Part-Time Indian Synthesis Essay


Below is a link to my essay.


In this assignment, I wrote a multi-paragraph essay about how expectations affect everyone, especially First Nations peoples. I spoke on how expectations can be both a good and bad thing and why. I also, related these to a book, article, and my own experiences, but to get the full experience, read it yourself.  

In this assignment, I used quite a few skills that I previously had. Some of these included many of my previous writing skills, my ability to study a topic from a variety of angles, and my reading comprehension. These as well as many others helped me to complete my project to the best of my ability.

Some of the challenges i faced when completing this assignment were connecting ideas, and crafting excellent quality literary paragraphs. In this assignment, one of the main focuses is taking a single question and applying it to a variety of places. In my essay I used the question, to what extent do the expectations of others impact our lives and shape our identities? I applied this question to the setting of a book, a literary article and my own past. However, synthesizing all of these into one end paragraph was one of the hardest things. The other difficulty was remembering how to write effective, well-written literary paragraphs. I had to remember word choice, flow, sentence variation, verb tenses and quotation integration, to name a few.    


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