In-Depth #2, The Basics

Things have happened.
I am only a month in but already I have met with my mentor and learned a few of the basics. Over the next little while I will be learning to make songs part by part adding more instruments and depth slowly. I am using the program Cakewalk currently but that may change in the days to come. So far I have mostly just quickly gone over the creation process with my mentor and thus I am still a beginner. However, I am sure that over time I will come to master music making.
  1. How did your mentor gain their experience/ expertise?

I taught myself how to produce through several years of trying to make dubstep and not knowing how. I started branching out into other genres a couple years ago and I began to slowly improve my skills. I watched lots of YouTube videos and wrote lots of songs, and not a lot we’re very good.

     2. What were those experiences like for your mentor?

It was very fun, though sometimes quite discouraging. For the longest time, I couldn’t make exactly what I wanted to make, because I didn’t have the skills and know-how. I got there eventually, but it took a lot of work.

3. What wisdom have you gained from your mentor so far?

So far, I have gained only a small amount of overall information, but I am sure there is more to come when I meet my mentor next. I have learned music is multi-layered and requires a lot more work than I previously thought. Lastly, I have learned that patience and the ability to take things slowly is much better than rushing and only half-doing a job.

4. What have you learned so far, in terms of facilitation strategies, that might contribute to your own development as a mentor?

I have learned that it is not good to rush people especially if they are new to something. Also, explain everything. Realistically, the person you’re mentoring knows nothing about what you’re teaching them. So, if there is any vocabulary or other things that are important to know, describe them to you’re student.

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