[2022]In-Depth Blog Post#6


Welcome back to my blog. As a reminder, my In-Depth is learning about web development and creating my own website. The process includes going over HTML5, CSS, and parts of Javascript.


In-Depth night Presentation

For the In-Depth night, I shall be presenting my project on a table display. My final project is the completed website itself. It shall contain all of the elements of web development that I have learned over the past few months all in one website. I plan to have both my website and the code behind my website open. Anybody who comes up is free to look through the website and interact with it however they want. On my website, I have previous python projects that I have done in the past, such as checkers and hangman. People who come up are free to try them. I shall also go through the website and using the inspect element, I’ll show parts of the website and the code behind it side by side. This way I can explain my project in a way that everyone can understand. I’m excited to be able to sho off my website and all the hard work that went into it, and can’t wait until In-Depth Night.

Until Next time,