1. Your coverage of the effects of different salts on the freezing temperature of the water was superb. With your presentation, I now understand the differences between the average table salt and the rock salt we use in winter. To improve your PowerPoint next time, I suggest using a clearer microphone when recording or speaking louder and clearer to relay your research. My question to you is, how environmentally friendly is the rock salt we use on our driveways?

  2. Hi Robert

    I really enjoyed listening to your TALON Talk, it was packed with lots of interesting information and helped me get a better understanding of why salt lowers the freezing point of ice. To improve your PowerPoint for next time, one thing you could do is to make the little speaker that shows when sound is playing, hidden during the presentation.
    My question for you is does the amount of salt, and in turn the amount of ions, affect the melting point?

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