Annotated Bibbliography – Abby Wambach

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This website talks about some of the financial struggles that Abby has experienced and how she overcame them. It also discusses the gender pay gap and the effects that it has had on female athletes, such as Abby. Although people believe that the male teams bring in more money this website proves otherwise and shows how unfair the pay gap really is.

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During this interview Abby talks about her battles with substance and alcohol abuse. She opens up about how she hid her struggles from her family for most of her career. Abby also talks about the consequences to her actions and how it has affected her life. Lastly, she discusses how without the support of her family and friends she wouldn’t have been able to win her battle addiction.

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Within this website is the video as well as a written copy of Abby Wambach’s commencement speech at Barnard University. She speaks about the challenges within her career and her fight against the gender pay gap. Throughout her speech she talks about how women have the ability to change the world and make a difference for the next generation. Abby shares some of the most important lessons she has learned throughout her life with the Barnard graduates.

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The podcast “Abby Wambach, Olympian, Activist, Author” by Michael Gervais talks about what Abby is up to post retirement and how she is dealing with not playing soccer anymore. Abby also has a deep discussion about feminism and why men shouldn’t be afraid of it. She talks about how she came to be a feminist and the impact that it has had on her life. The podcast sums up what she hopes to accomplish during the rest of her life.

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Forward: A Memoir written by Abby Wambach is a biography that discusses a wide range of topics. It varies from talking about her childhood and what it was like growing up as the youngest of seven kids to the struggle that she experienced during her career and how she overcame them. The book gives an amazing insight into what it Abby Wambach’s life has been like.

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