My Eminent Project

Eminent was a 5 week long project that involved picking a person that is/was considered notable in some way or made an impact on the world and writing a speech about them from the perspective of someone the knew or an inanimate object. For my project I chose to research and write a speech about […]

Annotated Bibbliography – Abby Wambach

Works Cited Abby Wambach. 2018. Website. 28 November 2019. <>. Abby Wambach Biography. 20 February 2019. Website. 28 November 2019. <>. Bullock, Maggie. Abby Wambach Wishes She Didn’t Buy All Those Watches and Cars. 28 March 2019. Website. 1 December 2019. <>. This website talks about some of the financial struggles that Abby has experienced […]

Abby Wambach Introduction

For my grade 9 eminent project I chose to do Abby Miller Wambach. I was originally drawn to Abby because I found it very easy to relate to her as I share many of the same personality traits and interests as her. As well as I admire and look up to her. In 2015, my […]