My Eminent Project

Eminent was a 5 week long project that involved picking a person that is/was considered notable in some way or made an impact on the world and writing a speech about them from the perspective of someone the knew or an inanimate object. For my project I chose to research and write a speech about Abby Wambach, a U.S. soccer player who not only set many records during her career but is also fighting for equal pay for women. We also had to make a learning center that had elements that represented the persons life.

I was able to use the research skills that I had learned in earlier school years during the project. I also utilized the skills that I learned about finding reliable resources throughout the entirety of the project.

During this assignment I found that I had trouble with making sure that my speech was under the time limit (5 minutes), as I found that I had so much to say about Abby’s life. I also found it quite difficult what parts of her life to focus on as there was so much information to choose from.


(These are some photos of my learning center)

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