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Assignment #2 PTI Presentations

Assignment #2 PTI Presentations

Project Link: PTI Powerpoint

II. Description

This project was to research into one of several relevant topics from the book The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian by Sherman Alexie. The presentation I have linked is the group presentation that  my group members and I worked on. Our topic was on the Indian Act. This was meant to teach about how indigenous were treated now and in the past. Every group in our class did a presentation in front of the class orally with a supporting powerpoint.

III and IV. DL Criteria and Reflections

  1. I go beyond google and use databases to find scholarly research sources. (#11)

I found many of my sources through EBSCO, which provided me with detailed information on The Indian Act and how it affected the people in these communities.

2. I look at controversial issues or topics from opposed perspectives to gain a more complete understanding. (#12)

My sources have multiple views on whether or not the Indian Act was good for Indigenous people. I looked into different views from the Indigenous people and from people outside of their communities to see how their opinions differed.

3. I use digital spaces to plan and execute collaborative projects with my peers. (#1)

Because this was a group project, we collaborated on teams and through email on how to go about this project. We exchanged resources and information digitally. We also worked together to create the powerpoint for our final presentation.

4. I constructively build upon or synthesize the ideas of my peers (#4)

In this group project I worked together with my peers to come up with the idea to make the project more interesting by makign the presentation similar to a news report. Two of my group members debated over a topic, while the other group member and I acted out what they were trying to  convey.

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