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Assignment #3 Class Cell Presentation

Assignment #3 Class Cell Presentation

Project: Unfortunately the full document was accidently deleted by our teacher, but here is a diagram I used:


II. Description

This was a powerpoint presentation where everyone in the class was assigned a topic on a part of the cell. Each person had to present their part while working with other classmates to make sure everything flowed smoothly. I worked on the creating a short presentation for the smooth endoplasmic reticulum.

III and IV. DL Criteria and Reflections

  1. I critically assess research sources for Currency, Reliability, Authority, and Purpose (#9)

When doing research into the smooth endoplasmic reticulum, I made sure to check how recent and reliable each source I used was. I checked a variety of sites to make sure all of the information lined up correctly. I also made sure to check how qualified the author of the article was.

2. I respond to the work or ideas of my peers in a way that is compassionate and productive (#3)

When I was creating my slide for the presentation, one of my peers mentioned that there was  too much text in my slide, so I reduced how much text there was. With the entire class we went back on forth on what each person could do to improve their own slide.

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