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Asssignment #4 Short Story Mind Map

Asssignment #3 Short Story Mind Map

Project image:

II. Description

In this project were were given a selection of short stories to read. We needed to choose one of these stories and create a mind map by hand or digitally. I chose to create a digital mind map because I prefer to work on the computer.

III and IV. DL Criteria and Reflections

  1. I challenge myself to increase my technological literacy by working with apps, software, or mediums that I have not used in the past (#8)

For this project I used GIMP for the first time. GIMP is a free image editing software, similar to photoshop. I have used other similar software, but decided to use GIMP this time because it was recommended to me by one of my peers.

2. I determine and use the most effective medium to present my work (#9)

We had the choice between creating our mind map digitally or on paper. I chose to do it digitally, because I work better on my computer and I can create a more in-depth project. I also don’t have the neatest writing, so typing it digitally helps readability.

3. My work demonstrates a positive, productive, and empathetic worldview (#15)

Using the short story, I emphasized the emotions that the main characters felt and showed why they felt the way they did. I try to be positive when it comes to people and I think I represented that well in my work.

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