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Hi! Welcome to my eminent learning centre. Things are very different this year, but I think this project gave me a good chance to learn some new ways of presenting. And it taught me a lot! Hopefully it will teach you a little as well.

There will be little buttons you can press to take you to the different sections of the learning centre. (p.s. this works much better on a computer rather than a phone) (p.p.s. the link cannot be clicked, just copy and paste)

I hope you enjoy!



17 thoughts on “Eminent Learning Centre

  1. Hi Kira!
    Your Learning Center is awesome! I really liked how you organized your information. The colours are very aesthetic and your fun facts sections was very cool.

  2. Some say Dolly has appealed to so many by remaining politically neutral. Do you think she should take more of a stand on big issues?

    1. Personally, I think that she has taken a stand for a lot of issues, but I think most people don’t know about that because she is more known for her music. I think it’s her opinion whether she wants to be more vocal or not. Influencers and celebrities commonly face a lot of pressure to say something, but in the end it is her decision :]

  3. Hi Kira!
    Your learning center looks amazing! I’m really proud of you :). My question for you would be what drove you to explore the life of Dolly Parton for this project!
    -Leah <3

    1. I’m glad you liked it! I chose to learn about Dolly because I think a lot of people only know about her music career, but she ahs done a lot outside of that : )

  4. Kira,
    Your website is well presented, and is an honest and balanced view of a very celebrated and influential person. The website pages are well laid out. One suggestion that I would make, is to have a button on the last page of each topic to redirect your visitor back to the home page.

    1. I admire her so greatly, but if I had to choose one, I would say I admire her perseverance. Since she had so many awful struggles in life, and she managed to pull through and be one of the most influential people out there.

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