This month has been quite hectic, but between all the school projects and the COVID-19 situation I have managed to make some progress on my in-depth. I managed to finish writing the draft for my speech, and I’m currently going back through and simplifying/shortening it. I’m going to try to limit my speech to 10 minutes maximum, and my speech right now is 5 minutes too long. I haven’t been able to meet with my mentor, because of how busy she is as a city Councillor and the social distancing rules, so I’ve been doing research online on tips and tricks for public speaking. I’m going to try to organize at least one video call, if she has time, so I can utilize her expertise at least a little.

Hyperlink to my speech: Here

What has been my most difficult mentoring challenge so far? Why?

Definitely trying to find a time where we’re both not busy. Because of the nature of her schedule, she’s busy quite a lot, and especially with the pandemic we’re currently dealing with. I’m not busy nearly as often, but I do have tasks and chores I need to complete throughout the day, as well as watching my brother. I’m trying to do my own research, and contacting her about if video calling would work.

What is working well? Why?

Overall I’m pretty happy with my progress so far. I emailed her the speech already, and she says it’s good, just a little long. I’ve already talked to her a bit about it, and she seems to have an abundance of knowledge, so once we find time to talk again I’ll be in good shape.

What could be working better? How can you make sure this happens?

I could be doing a lot more work on my speech, and now that I’ve finished all my homework I’ll make sure I spend a lot more time on the speech. It’s really easy to push in-depth to the side and concentrate on the projects that are due sooner, but there’s only two months really left before the end of in depth, so I’ve got to make sure I keep working away. I’ve been setting time aside every day to work on homework, so now I’ll just work on in-depth.