Learning Centre: Chester Bennington

Learning Centre for my Eminent Person, Chester Bennington. Presented through Artsteps, a museum-like program. All text and images are clickable and most information is in the interactive text.

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16 thoughts on “Learning Centre: Chester Bennington”

  1. Hi Kaiwen! I really enjoyed this learning center. It was such a creative way to present your learning. The layout made all of your information very easy to understand, that’s very appreciated.
    I was wondering what you would say personally impacted you the most when you were learning about Chester Bennington.
    Great Learning Centre!

  2. Hi Kaiwen!

    I loved how interactive the museum was and how I was able to choose where I wanted to move around, making all the information more accessible. Do you think mental health issues will ever be completely solved in the future? Why or why not?


  3. Hi Kaiwen, I really enjoyed the format of your learning centre and how visually appealing and interactive it is. I also appreciated how you went in depth about his struggles and obstacles. What do you think is a lesson someone could take away from Mr. Bennington?

    1. Hi Bridget, thanks for the comment.
      I think something one could learn from Chester is that there’s always a way out of even the darkest pits, as evidenced by his rise from the depths of drugs to fame and renown.


  4. Hey Kaiwen
    I love your use of graphics in your presentation. I also really likes how concise you made each sentence. How do you think his unexpected death impacted his children?


    1. Hi, Rian
      Thanks for the response.
      I think his children were greatly impacted by his death. From what I know, they spent a lot of time together and were very close. Obviously there are no detailed accounts, but it obviously would have hurt them greatly. Most of the status of his children was provided by Chester himself, so they are currently a non-public group.

  5. Hey Kaiwen! Cool gallery; I think this was a great way to show your learning. I would like to ask what were some of the particular ways Chester Bennington advocated for mental health? Can you provide a specific example or two?

    1. Hi Ms. Wasstrom,
      Thank you for your response. Some examples of how Chester advocated for mental health include the lyrics of his songs, which detail emotional turmoil through a widespread medium, and with their massive popularity and simplicity, he helped people understand what goes on in his head and others with the same challenges. Another thing he did, or specifically his wife, was start a movement called 320 Changes Direction after his death to remove stigma around mental health. Chester himself was also quite honest about his struggles, being a kind of leading voice for the otherwise hidden group of mentally suffering individuals.


  6. Hi Kaiwen! I think your presentation is awesome. The gallery is well done and professional. What were some of Chester Bennington’s early musical influences?


    1. Hi Derek,
      Thanks for responding. If you mean people who were musical inspirations to Chester early on, some people that influenced him were the bands Depeche Mode and Stone Temple Pilots, the latter of which he eventually joined himself. He was also good friends with Chris Cornell, who was similar to him in many ways, such as singing about the same topics and being in the same genre of music, and unfortunately the same death.


  7. Hi Kaiwen

    I really liked how you had pictures everywhere to support your text, I also liked how the tour showed important parts of his life. Great job!
    What lead you to pick Chester for your eminent person?

    1. Hi Matthias,
      I picked Chester initially because of his music, which I liked listening to, and eventually finalized my decision after finding out more about the individual behind the music himself.

    1. Hi Mrs. Chambers,
      Thank you for your response. I do not think eminence, or greatness of any kind, can come without some struggle. Even the most well-off people had some challenges they had to overcome to get to their point, but some have greater challenges than others.


  8. Hey Kaiwen! I love how you put it as a gallery format and it was very clear and concise! A question of mine would be, what is your favourite song of his and why? Thanks!


    1. Thanks for the comment Natalie,
      That particular question does not have a clear answer, since I thoroughly enjoy a good majority of his songs. If I really had to pick one, I might choose “What I’ve Done” because of the very smooth singing.

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