In-depth Introduction Post #1

For my 2020 In-depth project, I will be focusing on acting — specifically learning how to work with monologues. My goal is to choose at least three separate skill areas to develop throughout this process, in order to essentially become an expert on each. To learn these skills, I plan to choose at least three monologues so that I can develop a piece focusing solely on each skill. Hopefully, in the end, I will be able to develop a finished monologue by incorporating all of the skills I previously learned.

Most of my research will be done at home or at school, which should really be consuming about half of my time, as I need to know what to learn before I learn it. After I have the information I need, I will be able to continue by practicing by myself, and occasionally with my mentor.

Throughout the process of In-depth, my mentor will be guiding me in first choosing the most essential pieces of acting to be learned, and also in developing all of those pieces in the proper ways.

As acting is one of my passions, I am excited to be carrying out an independent study on the topic. This project will provide me with a new perspective on acting, as I am specifically focusing more on the individual art than the group art. I hope to come out of this experience with an understanding of something that I’ve not had the opportunity to study before.



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