In-depth Post #6

Since my last post, I’ve been continuing to work on my monologue and breaking down different parts in order to implement new ideas from videos or websites I’ve found. I am doing my best to readjust and work through this project by introducing new methods of learning as I near the end. Right now, I’m practicing and rehearsing my monologue, preparing for my final summary In-depth blog post. I’ve been experimenting with various ways in which I can choose to perform my monologue. For example, I need to consider whether I’m sitting down or standing, or if I’m going to be moving in any way. I’ll also need to decide if I feel that any special costumes, makeup, or props are necessary or if they will add anything to my presentation; however, at the moment, I’m quite certain I’ll decide against this.

For my last blog post to summarize what I’ve accomplished through this project, I essentially plan to film myself performing my monologue. I’ll have to consider everything I’ve mentioned above and more for this final presentation, though I don’t plan to make this too elaborate. The purpose is simply to demonstrate what I’ve already been working on and not so much to create an entire film that I’ll have to edit etc. I look forward to experimenting with this to find something that works well for me in the end!

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