In-depth Post #2

As I am starting out on my journey through In-depth 2020, I am more than grateful to have Mandy Tulloch on my side. I took an acting class with Mandy a while back for 2 years, between 2017 and 2019. Although I entered blindly into this class that I’d had no experience with before, it was there that I discovered I had an interest in acting and drama. It then wasn’t long before that interest turned into a passion, and I’ve since entered into other similar programs.

After deciding on a study of acting for my 2020 IDS, I immediately thought of Mandy as the person to be my mentor. I felt that with her extensive experience in the areas I planned to focus on, she would be the perfect person to guide me through this study. I was thrilled when Mandy agreed to help me through this process. She began her training at the age of three, developing skills in all three aspects of theatre: singing, acting, and dancing. She later attended a London Stage School and now has credits in movies, stage, and television, as well as over 100 commercial credits. Mandy has additionally written, directed, and produced many shows across Canada.

Mandy shared with me that she has always felt comfortable on stage and in front of the camera, as if it was where she belonged. Starting from such a young age, it was the only thing she ever knew. However, after Mandy had her five children, she began teaching. Teaching became a great passion of Mandy’s. It opened up a whole new love of creating and being able to bring something to life for her. Mandy was able to find a way to pass on her knowledge to both young and old people, letting them find confidence in themselves.

I had the chance to meet with Mandy a few weeks ago to discuss what exactly I would be working on for this project. Although I already had a vague idea of what I wanted to do, Mandy helped me immensely by contributing her own ideas. Together, we decided that I will be choosing five different types of monologues in order to explore the various areas of acting in both theatre and film. I am excited to begin researching these different areas of acting!

Mandy continues to share her knowledge with me and passes on advice based on her own incredible experiences as a performer. I believe that by allowing me to understand what those experiences were like for her has really helped me develop my own ideas about the path I am taking. Sharing personal experiences will most definitely be something that I will incorporate into discussion if I am ever put in a mentorship position.

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