1. Hi Robert, your learning centre flows very nicely! I really enjoy your eminent interview reflection. it was very insightful. What do you believe is Usain Bolt’s greatest accomplishment is and why do think so?

    • Hi Makenna, thanks for the feedback. Personally, I believe that Usain’s greatest achievement was gaining the world record for the fastest 100-meter sprint.

    • I believe that Usain was so successful because of his work effort. Coming from a poor village, he didn’t have as many resources as other famed runners have had. He got to where he is now with sheer determination and hard work.

  2. Hello Robert, I enjoyed the layout of you Prezi. The line running through each bubble helped lead my eyes through your learning center. The slides were very insightful, especially your interview reflection. How does Usain Bolt exemplify your goals as an athlete?

    • Usain Bolt shows a lot of determination and hard work. After learning about Usain, I strive to be more like him by putting in more work, not giving up, and following my dream.

  3. Hi Robert
    I love how you used a “track” to show your timeline.
    Why did you choose Usain Bolt? Do you enjoy running?

    • I picked Usain because I was inspired by him. He came from a poor village that didn’t always have running water, but he still managed to accomplish his dream and become a world champion.

  4. lets goooo Robert. Great Learning Centre, 10/10, it flows super smoothly and I loved how it flows in one direction throughout to make is easier to read. All the information was relevant and I learned a lot from each section. Your interview reflection was also very insightful.I would personally add more pictures to make it a bit more lively. But otherwise, amazing job.
    A question I have for you is, “if Usain Bolt never pursued running, what do you believe would be his livelihood?”

    • Hi Justin. As a child, Usain was always interested in soccer(or football) and cricket. He got pretty good at both sports but changed to track and field after a coach in his school noticed him and convinced him to switch. I think that he would have gone into professional cricket or soccer.

  5. Hi Robert! I really liked your Prezi learning center. It made your learning center very interactive and enjoyable. I also really liked the formatting as it was very visually pleasing. How do you think Usain Bolt impacts people?

    • Usain impacts people by inspiring them. As mentioned before, he worked hard to achieve his dream. His story spread throughout the world and has inspired many others to follow their own dreams.

  6. Hey Robert, I liked your learning centre and the presentation. Your interview reflection was really thoughtful and made sense. It really is amazing how naturally gifted Usain Bolt was. Did he have any childhood influences that helped him with his success (family track and field history, connections, etc)?

  7. Hey Robert! Great job! I knew of Usain Bolt, but I had no idea about his eminence. I was wondering if you had thought about his circumstances and how those changing might have changed his career. For example, if he had not grown up in poverty, do you think he would have had the resilience to excel the way he has?

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