My Eminent 2019 Speech

Hedy Lamarr Speech

What did this project entail?

The Eminent Project (in grade 9) allows we, as students, to research an eminent or outstanding person and the impact they made or are making on the world. The final task, after about two months, was to create and present a speech written from the point of view of someone who knew or knows our eminent person.

What pre-existing skills did I bring into this assignment?

I have always liked working with English assignments and am very interested in writing and reading. Therefore been willing to invest more time into developing some of the skills that helped me during this Eminent project. These skills allowed me to both enjoy the process and be proud of the end product.

What challenges did I face?

During this Eminent project, I found it difficult to generate a structure for my speech. Although I had many ideas that I could include, narrowing down those ideas to a speech structure that might leave an impact on others was especially challenging. I had to move through several drafts before I came to the final piece.

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